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Hughes & Kettner

Hughes & Kettner are famous manufacturers of high-quality guitar amplification. Browse our range or contact POLAR to find out more today.
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HK Audio

The name HK Audio is synonymous with live sound reinforcement systems and speakers of the highest quality. Talk to POLAR to find out more today.
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Integrated Solutions Brands


T1V offer a suite of hardware and software based collaboration products which work across multiple rooms. Find out how POLAR can help you today.
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Integrated Solutions Brands


Shop ClearOne speakerphones and conferencing equipment today. Find a complete selection of ClearOne products to enhance your conference calls.
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Professional Audio Brands

MC² Audio

MC2 Audio is a manufacturer of ultra high quality and fidelity pro-audio amplifiers. Find out how POLAR can help you install the highest quality pro audio equipment today.
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Looking for Beyerdynamic headphones or microphones? Browse our Beyerdynamic selection at get fast delivery and expert audio advice today.
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Integrated Solutions Brands


Biamp offer robust, flexible solutions for AV installations large and small. Find out how POLAR can help you install Biamp products today.
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Professional Audio Brands

XTA Electronics

XTA has become a leading name in professional amplification products in both live touring and installed applications. Find out how POLAR can help you install XTA products today.
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Professional Audio Brands

Radial Engineering

Looking for Radial active and stereo direct boxes? Find Radial interfaces and industry leading audio equipment at POLAR today.
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Integrated Solutions Brands

Cambridge Sound Management

Cambridge Sound Management, Inc. is the world's largest manufacturer of sound masking solutions. Their award winning QtPro® and DynasoundPro™ sound masking technology helps organisations of all sizes protect speech privacy, reduce noise distractions and increase workplace productivity.
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Integrated Solutions Brands

Cornered Audio

Cornered Audio provide commercial installations that mount directly in corners or onto walls and ceilings without brackets. Find out how POLAR can help you install Cornered Audio products today.