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LEA Professional

The LEA Way is our differentiator – it’s the way we do business. We’re not confused about who our customer is and we are driven by one goal – to make our customers successful. That goal drives every aspect of our business from bold audio technologies to delivering a sound transaction and support experience. After decades of experience in the audio industry we know that it will take a bold, transparent and fun new approach to deliver a product and a service that our customers are excited about. And that’s exactly how we plan to do business – that’s The LEA Way.
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Cambridge Sound Management

Cambridge Sound Management, Inc. is the world’s largest manufacturer of sound masking solutions. Our award winning QtPro® and DynasoundPro™ sound masking technology helps organizations of all sizes protect speech privacy, reduce noise distractions, and increase workplace productivity.
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Ultimate Support

For over 40 years, Ultimate Support Systems has provided musicians with unique support solutions that are crafted with unparalleled innovation and quality while being accompanied by superior customer service. We have always been determined to invent, design, and manufacture the smartest support solutions and music accessories in the music industry.
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AD-Systems is a German based manufacturer of professional sound products in the Pro Audio business. Established in 2001 by Oliver Pattay and Sven Haferkamp, AD-Systems offer high-quality loudspeaker systems for the touring, rental and installation markets. They pride themselves on offering audio products that work reliably regardless of whether they're used in live touring and rental markets or fixed installation applications.
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InOut are an Italian-based company that specialise in the manufacture of intelligent solid-state memory audio devices and advanced power amplification systems. Regardless of whether audio is required in a train station or an airport, or even delivered interactively via a Smart-Totem in the retail sector, InOut offer products that can make these requirements a reality.
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One of the biggest challenges within room or space design, is that they’re so often deigned by an architect or interior designer to look appealing to the eye, whether it’s a retail space or meeting room environment, or a residential building. In these cases, the last thing that is wanted is large box-like cabinet loudspeakers which often look bulky and cumbersome in all too often minimalistic environments.
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Formed in 1995, Work is a Spanish company dedicated to the professional audio and lighting sector. Through its leading brand Work Pro, it offers an exclusive range of quality products designed to meet real user needs. Essential products such as installed loudspeakers and flexible DSP-based audio-over-IP systems are offered alongside fully-featured amplifiers, mixers and a multitude of solution-based audio devices.
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Avonic offers a full range of high-quality pan-tilt-zoom cameras, with a choice of output, including USB3.0, IP, HDMI and SDI. Control units and accessories complement the range, designed for use in a host of applications from video-conferencing to broadcasting, lecture capture to webcasting and beyond.
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Cornered Audio

Cornered Audio speakers mount directly in corners or onto walls and ceilings without brackets. With a unique triangular design, Cornered speakers can be discreetly placed in applications such as on-wall, on ceiling, under balcony or of course in the corner, for a cleaner, more imaginative interior designs.
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Australian Monitor

Thirty years ago, a small, passionate team of AV specialists invested their own energy and money to pioneer the iconic Australian Monitor brand. Today, we have grown into a global leader, known for innovative, robust and cost-effective AV products, that keep the world over entertained and informed in homes, schools, restaurants and theatres.
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Founded in 2002, the Philadelphia based Aviom manufacture innovative, technology-based products that address the needs of audio professionals and musicians working in the live sound industry. Offering three mains system options in the form of monitor mixing, digital snake and audio networks, these products are designed and manufactured for portable and fixed installation applications.
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XTA Electronics

XTA Electronics Ltd is a professional audio electronics company based in Stourport-on-Severn, UK. Established in 1992 by Andrew Grayland and John Austin, XTA has become a leading name in production of amplification products used extensively around the world in both live touring and installed applications.