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MC² Audio

MC2 Audio is a manufacturer of ultra high quality and fidelity pro-audio amplifiers. Find out how POLAR can help you install the highest quality pro audio equipment today.
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XTA Electronics

XTA has become a leading name in professional amplification products in both live touring and installed applications. Find out how POLAR can help you install XTA products today.
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Radial Engineering

Looking for Radial active and stereo direct boxes? Find Radial interfaces and industry leading audio equipment at POLAR today.
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Lab Gruppen

Lab Gruppen believe in providing you with reliable amplification, so you can dedicate all your efforts to the performance. Major artists include U2, Philadelphia Eagles, Hamburg Elb Philharmonie, Clair Global, etc.
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Tannoy presides over one of the longest and most distinguished histories in the world of audio equipment.
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Lake believe that all sound systems deserve the best sound processing. Deep sound analysis and sophisticated filtering combined with your personal touch, makes all the difference.
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Turbosound believe that sound reinforcement should only be true to faithful reproduction from the original source. Trust in this guiding principle is the foundation that allows enjoyment from the front row to the last.
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Midas believes that mixing engineers are the voice of the artist. That trusted bond demands the sonic integrity that only Midas provides.
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AD-Systems is a German based manufacturer of professional sound products in the Pro Audio business. Established in 2001 by Oliver Pattay and Sven Haferkamp, AD-Systems offer high-quality loudspeaker systems for the touring, rental and installation markets.
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Klark Teknik

Klark Teknik believe that connecting Brands and products through reliable and seamless digital transportation is the way to create complete customer solutions.