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Conference Bars

Superior imagery and pro audio ensure you see every face and hear every word. A simple all-in-one unified communications solution to quickly deploy video conferencing without compromising on professional audio and visual experience. Built-in Android provides effortless connection, easy setup and operation to remove every barrier to successful meetings.

As meeting communication hubs, the MAXHUB UC S05 and UC S10 enable you to share ideas, images and data with ease and keep the meeting flowing.

Both the S05 and S10 have auto-framing with intelligent face detection and voice localisation that tracks whoever is speaking and smoothly switches between presenters.


Panoramic Cameras

Be seen. Be heard. Be amazed by all-in-one conference cameras that track every face or follow every word in small to medium-sized spaces with the MAXHUB UC M31 180 degree camera and UC M40 360 degree camera. Even in the smallest rooms, make the most of your limited space with full-picture immersive technology that captures every participant in the room. Thanks to MAXHUBs advanced optics and breakthrough technology, the UC M31 and UC M40 deliver vividly superior video conferencing in 4K.

Changing video layouts has never been easier. Simply tap the top of the camera to switch video layouts, there's no need for special training or complicated software operations.

(UC M40 coming soon)


PTZ Cameras

The MAXHUB UC P10 camera brings effortless access to mid-to-large video conferencing. Combining exceptional 1080p image quality with premium 12x optical zoom, the P10 brings every conversation to life. This wide-angle camera with PTZ control represents a new generation of crystal-clear collaboration. HD 1080p images bring depth to remote interactions, while intelligent colour optimisation ensures you never miss a crucial detail.

The MAXHUB 4K 60fps UC P20, on the other hand, is the next-generation of video conferencing equipment. This premium 4K UHD camera ensures crystal-clear video in any environment. 12x optical plus 16x digital zoom guarantees sensational clarity with smooth and ultra-silent PTZ. With versatile outputs and plug-and-play simplicity, the UC P20 sets new standards for mid-to-large meeting rooms.



The MAXHUB BM20 and BM21 360° Bluetooth speakerphones are well-rounded performers that support every important conference call, anytime, anywhere. Their voice pickup range ensures you are heard clearly in your flexible seats whilst the built-in high-performance large dynamic speakers, with intelligent noise reduction and echo cancellation algorithms, and PZM structure design bring you a high-quality voice experience. The simple plug and play design allows you to seamlessly connect in a matter of seconds.



Introducing sensational microphone and camera performance combined with ease-of-use and affordability. The MAXHUB UC W10 ensures you can enjoy all the benefits of video meetings, at home or in the office, the MAXHUB UC W10 is the perfect partner for the era of video conferencing.

The compact and lightweight design of the MAXHUB UC W20, combined with video that works anywhere at any time makes this your ultimate partner for 4K conferencing convenience. The UC W20 transforms video meetings with 30FPS 4K or 720p Ultra HD images for sensational smoothness and detail.
Bring more clarity into any meeting with H.264 video compression, a 13MP sensor, and an 80-degree field of view. Our unique de-noisation algorithm will make clarity problems a thing of the past.

The MAXHUB UC W21 represents a new era of video quality with 4K Ultra HD clarity and a sensational wide-angle design. The UC W21 business webcam promises another level of clarity and picture quality, with 4K Ultra HD video at 25fps and layered optical glass for better smoothness and clarity.


Wireless Sharing

With the MAXHUB WT04 wireless screen sharing dongle, under multi-screen sharing mode, just one-touch can switch between connected computers. One conference flat panel can connect up to 8 devices at the same time. Long pressing screen starts split-screen mode, supporting up to 4 devices graphics showing on one screen simultaneously. Autorun driver supports Windows7, macOS10.10, or later. Compatible with USB2.0 or later, and Type-A connector.

The WB05 provides real-time mirroring, without the limitation of cables. With one click, lossless video and image can be presented in 0.09 seconds*. One image can be displayed simultaneously on two screens. MAXHUB multi-screen interactive technology supports 4-split screen real-time mirroring, showing you a clear data comparison. Synchronous Operating with a mobile device makes presentation and communication experience beyond your imagination.