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AD Systems provide professional and high quality loudspeaker systems. With both fixed and portable options available, POLAR can find the right solution for you.
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Founded in 2002, the Philadelphia based Aviom manufacture innovative, technology-based products that address the needs of audio professionals and musicians working in the live sound industry.
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Looking for beyerdynamic headphones or microphones for your studio or events space? Browse our range of beyerdynamic products and get fast delivery and expert audio advice today.
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HK Audio

The name HK Audio is synonymous with live sound reinforcement systems and speakers of the highest quality. Talk to POLAR to find out more today.
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MC² Audio

MC2 Audio is a manufacturer of ultra high quality and fidelity pro-audio amplifiers. Find out how POLAR can help you install the highest quality pro audio equipment today.
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We at Music Tribe believe that our sole purpose is to empower you to become the most creative you can be. We believe in empowering users through our Brand Tribes - Midas, Klark Teknik, Lab Gruppen, Lake, Tannoy, and Turbosound. Empowering you to create and receive appreciation is the key to our happiness.
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Radial Engineering

Looking for Radial active and stereo direct boxes? Find Radial interfaces and industry leading audio equipment at POLAR today.
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Looking for Primacoustic wall panels or acoustic treatment? Enhance your audio experience with our range of Primacoustic products at POLAR today.
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XTA Electronics

XTA has become a leading name in professional amplification products in both live touring and installed applications. Find out how POLAR can help you install XTA products today.