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As the industry leader in networked AV, AMX solves the complexity of managing technology with reliable, consistent and scalable systems comprising system-wide switching and AV distribution, control and automation, and technology management.
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AtlasIED are a global electronics manufacturer providing comprehensive audio solutions for commercial business environments, saving organisations time and money with effective use of audio communication systems, while also helping to maintain a safe work environment.
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Australian Monitor

Australian Monitor are a brand known for their innovative, robust, and cost-effective AV products. Contact our expert sales team today to find out more.
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Find Avonic video conferencing cameras and conference equipment today. Get exceptional video call quality with POLAR today.
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Looking for beyerdynamic equipment? Browse our range of beyerdynamic products and get fast delivery and expert audio advice today.
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Bluesound Professional

Bluesound Professional is the world’s first modern music distribution ecosystem for commercial spaces, providing seamless audio control and distribution ecosystem for commercial spaces.
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ClearOne’s easy-to-use, affordable conferencing, collaboration, and streaming solutions deliver an unequalled user experience with unprecedented levels of functionality, reliability, and scalability.
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Cornered Audio

Cornered Audio provides commercial installations that mount directly in corners or onto walls and ceilings without brackets. Find out how POLAR can help you install Cornered Audio products today.
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MAXHUB Unified Communication Solutions. Unleash the power of collaboration.
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Pan Acoustics

Since 2002, Pan Acoustics have been developing and manufacturing innovative sound systems and digital audio solutions for a wide range of applications and environments. They combine technology and design with economic efficiency to achieve the best results for their users.
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Looking for Primacoustic wall panels or acoustic treatment? Enhance your audio experience with our range of Primacoustic products at POLAR today.
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T1V offer a suite of hardware and software based collaboration products which work across multiple rooms. Find out how POLAR can help you today.