The Integrated Solutions division of POLAR distributes audio and video technology solutions.

Our broad range of product was once classified as ‘Audio Visual’ but as technologies progress and the lines between AV, IT and communication technologies become blurred, it's probably more accurate to state that we offer Technology Solutions to help people communicate in business whatever your business may be. From simple technology for a single or small group of users, to much larger groups in multiple locations across networks incorporating audio and video media networks, telephony and conferencing.

We evolve with the rapidly changing pace of technology, with our skilled and passionate team able to offer quality advice and support to your business, however you may use technology to communicate. Our first priority is to listen and ask the right questions to understand your needs. We can then offer advice, product and solutions to meet your needs and present ideas to you in a language that you will understand, no matter how technically complex the solution may be.

Whilst we are a trade only distributor, we engage and talk on a very frequent basis with Technology Consultants, Systems Integrators and End Users from the Financial / Banking Industries, Public Sector, Healthcare and Higher Education, to name a few. We offer you our knowledge, ideally, from the early stages of a project, offering design and support from something relatively simple such as microphone, loudspeaker or camera placement and selection, or enhancement of the user audio and video experience of Skype for Business through to full media network design for audio or video signals across multiple rooms or buildings; we’re all about helping people communicate.

Our services include design advice and product demonstrations and as your project evolves we’re with you, offering support and an evolving design with it. We also offer assistance once our product or design has been purchased and installed; our accredited technical team are able to offer system testing and commissioning, ensuring that your investment in technology performs as it should.

We’re a friendly and approachable team. Sometimes it’s hard to talk without using jargon and buzzwords and technology has its fair share. We can get as technical as you want to, or not; we’ll always aim to share our knowledge with the intention of helping you use technology to communicate. – Please talk to us on 01444 258258!

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