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About The Brand

ClearOne enhances communication and collaboration for organisations worldwide, from the Fortune 500 to small and medium businesses and institutions. They design, develop, and sell conferencing, collaboration & network streaming solutions through a network of expert AV and IT practitioners who specify, install, and support their advanced hardware, software, apps, and cloud solutions.

From ad-hoc work spaces and mobile conferences to the largest meeting venues and boardrooms, ClearOne is the best-in-class option for any industry or organisation that relies on teamwork and collaboration to be successful.

COLLABORATE Versa Pro CT image


Huddle CTH Audio DSP & BMA CTH

Converge Pro 2 128VT / 128VTD image

Converge Pro 2 128VT / 128VTD

Multi-Channel DSP Mixer

CONVERGE PA 460 image


4 x 60w Class-D Amplifier

Converge® Pro 2

Experience the industry's most advanced professional-voice DSP platform for conferencing, sound reinforcement and audio distribution.

The specs

Best-in-class Audio

Next-gen Acoustic Echo Cancellation and Noise Cancellation processing with Acoustic Intelligence, advanced microphone gating, built-in DARE™ feedback elimination.

Most Powerful

Powerful architecture with smaller footprint – 12 Mic/line inputs per unit, built-in USB audio interface, built-in optional Dante™ for networked audio.

Scalable Design

Daisy-chainable design to support up to 144 Mic/line inputs, C-Link expansion bus with 64 channels and P-Link bus for scalable connection of peripheral devices.

Any Application

Supports video conferencing, audio and web conferencing, Microsoft Teams, Skype® for Business meetings, in-room meetings, wireless presentation, and more.

Flexible Control

Control your local meeting rooms and audio distribution applications at your fingertips with flexible options – touch panel controller, BYOD dialer apps or 3rd-party control modules

Central Management

Configure, manage, monitor and troubleshoot the entire system of auto-discovered devices with MatrixView™ and FlowView™ for visualised audio signal paths

Beamforming Microphone Arrays


The Beamforming Microphone Array is the Pro-Audio industry’s first professional-grade microphone array with beamforming and adaptive steering technology and ClearOne’s next-generation Acoustic Echo Cancellation.

The BMA CT is a patented ceiling tile beamforming mic array that blends in perfectly with today’s drop ceilings, with built-in acoustic echo cancellation, noise cancellation, and beam selection eliminating the need for per-beam processing in a DSP mixer – requiring fewer DSP mixer resources.


Beamforming Microphone Array Ceiling Tile

Professional-grade beamforming arrays with state-of-the-art technology for uncompromised audio quality and aesthetics.

Ceiling Microphone Arrays

The richest sounding tri-element ceiling microphone arrays

ClearOne ceiling microphone arrays provide superior audio performance with full 360-degree coverage, three uni-directional elements, wide bandwidth and high SNR to reduce reverberation and noise. Perfect for conferencing and sound reinforcement applications, they can be adjusted for the desired height.


Ceiling Mic Array with Dante

The richest sounding tri-element ceiling microphone arrays in the industry.

Versa Pro

BYOD Collaboration

Add another dimension to meetings with professional audio and video to your web-conferencing application. Complete room solutions that include a camera, speaker and microphone with simple BYOD USB connections to realise superior web conferencing quality in small and mid-sized rooms.

Integration-ready Pro-AV meeting room system for COLLABORATE Space, MS Teams, Skype® for Business, Zoom, WebEx, GoToMeeting and Spontania to enrich the BYOD experience.


Versa Pro CT

An unbeatable new product offering that includes a Huddle DSP and the new Huddle-compatible and patented BMA CTH that is a perfect fit for small-to medium-sized rooms.


ClearOne provides free training in the form of Online Courses, Webinars, and Product Videos.

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