Founded in 2002, the Philadelphia based Aviom manufacture innovative, technology-based products that address the needs of audio professionals and musicians working in the live sound industry. Offering three mains system options in the form of monitor mixing, digital snake and audio networks, these products are designed and manufactured for portable and fixed installation applications.

Aviom's underlying technology is basically the first and only local area network optimised for the audio electronics industry. In essence, they're doing for the audio/music industry what Novell did for the computer industry.

Monitor Mixing for Artists.

Aviom Personal Mixers are used on stages, in orchestra pits and recording studios around the world, helping artists and engineers alike work more efficiently to produce better music. The A360 and A320 Personal Mixers deliver unparalleled control, performance and fidelity to mixing with more channels, powerful features and a streamlined user interface, helping musicians hear and sound better than ever before.

Powerful Connectivity for Personal Mixers.

A-Net Distributors provides multi-channel A-Net data connection and DC power to up to eight personal Mixers at the same time to give exactly the sources you need for your mixing system. The D400/D400-Dante and the D800/D800-Dante A-Net distributor unit systems provide robust, reliable connectivity, delivering power and audio to your Aviom Personal Mixers utilizing standard Cat-5e cables to streamline connections between mixers and transmitters for wireless in-ear monitors.