Our Music and Performance division supplies Musical Instrument (MI) and DJ retailers with a range of performance products for gigging musicians / DJs and home studio equipment for aspiring producers, songwriters and recording enthusiasts. We also supply a network of consumer electronics retailers and hi-fi specialists catering to customers seeking headphones for home entertainment and music enjoyment on the move.

Our product portfolio includes some of the most popular audio products and musical equipment from the industries finest brands. These include headphones, microphones, speakers, mixers, audio interfaces and studio monitors from brands such as beyerdynamic and Mackie. We are also a bass amplifier specialist with exclusive UK distribution for one of the most sought-after brands in this category, Gallien-Krueger.


As a distributor we offer much more than simply the supply of products from manufacturers to retailers. The majority of our staff are musicians and gear enthusiasts themselves, so we're able to offer technical advice and excellent service by relating to the customers perspective and understanding what they are aspiring to achieve with their purchase.

We also raise brand awareness, promote new products and drive end-user demand via a range of marketing activities including reviews, adverts, demos, trade-shows, in-store training, events and social media. We are actively engaged with editorial staff from many of the UK’s leading music magazines and websites including Sound on Sound, Future Music, Music Tech, Guitarist and Music Radar. 

When you buy from POLAR you can buy with confidence, as we will support you from pre-sales advice all the way through to delighting your customer with the perfect product.


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You probably already know someone who is really into music and goes the extra mile to gain an extra inch of audio quality, to make the music sound exactly as the artist intended. We’ve put together a list of the best audiophile gift ideas to help take the fuss out of gift giving.

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Local radio presenter and emerging artist sibling choose Mackie EM-91C Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphones for home studio lockdown.