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AtlasIED's Atmosphere platform sets a new standard for digital audio with multi-zone processors and a variety of accessories. Touchless control, easy-to-program automation, and artificial intelligence offer integrators and users an effortless way to create the perfect Atmosphere for their business.

The patented AI-based ambient noise compensation technology continually analyses acoustic information from the environment and automatically adjusts audio levels so people can hear clear messages and pleasant music.


The specs

Touchless Control

Chosen users can control pre-authorised aspects of the system from their personal mobile device. Individual device control is cleaner and more hygienic than utilising public control hardware. No app necessary as the GUI is hosted by the processor.

Smart DSP with Ambient Noise Compensation

Atmosphere algorithms set a new standard for the way digital audio systems compensate for ambient noise enabling it to continually learn and adapt to changes in the environment without using external microphones.

Automated Message Player

Operational effectiveness and efficiencies are improved by dispatching pre-recorded messages according to a schedule, or triggered by an input device, such as an ambient noise sensor, or volume/source/zone selections.

Simple Programming & Intuitive GUI

Atmosphere is easily setup with a web browser. No proprietary software to download. The GUI is refreshingly intuitive and allows for design freedom without requiring days of training seminars to learn how to program, install, and deploy a system.

Wide Selection of Accessories

A complete family of interoperable products engineered to work seamlessly together, minimizing configuration and programming headaches including wall-mounted audio controllers, remote audio inputs, and an ambient noise sensor.

Tilter Filter™ & Preloaded EQ Settings

Tilter Filter™ provides a quick and easy way to tune a room without being an audiophile. If the system uses AtlasIED speakers, EQ presets are preloaded for easy tuning.

Atmosphere Overview

Sound Masking

Sound masking systems protect private conversations, reduce distractions, and enhance employee productivity and satisfaction in applications such as open offices, health clinics, legal offices, and call centres. AtlasIED offers a full array of sound masking solutions from self-contained devices to large enterprise-wide systems.

AtlasIED offer a comprehensive array of solutions including signal generators, speakers, surface transducers and self-contained systems for any installation where sound masking or speech privacy is critical or white noise is requested. As the world leader in sound masking technology, AtlasIED offers a full array of solutions that can be deployed in any installation where speech privacy is critical.

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The specs

Improve Workplace Acoustics

Improve employee productivity. Enhance employee satisfaction. Reduce employee turnover.

Assist in HIPAA compliance

HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act) regulations require safeguard of medical and confidential information by all reasonable means.

Protect Confidential Conversations

Sound masking can prevent people in specific areas from hearing conversations that are not intended for them.

Reduce Build-Out Costs

Sound masking systems are more affordable than other structural methods of managing distractions and creating privacy.

Overcome Designs Challenges

Can accommodate any size space from 100sq ft to millions of sq ft, including various ceiling heights and other architectural variables.

Speech Privacy

IP Enabled Solutions

AtlasIED IP solutions are the ultimate choice for commercial environments with thousands of installations ranging from corporate enterprise, schools, universities, industrial factories, airports, shopping centres and health care facilities around the world. AtlasIED effectively uses building communication systems while also helping to maintain a safe work environment with our industry-leading VoIP solutions.

The IPX Series is the evolution of the AtlasIED IP endpoint category. It maintains the foundational features found in previous models that have been serving the market for almost 20 years, with the additional enhancements of modern styling, improved audibility and an upgraded high-resolution visual display.

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IPX IP Speakers image

IPX IP Speakers

IPX Series speakers are available in several models designed to address the needs and requirements of a variety of installation types. All models use a high fidelity 8" speaker and include an integrated microphone for full duplex communication.
IPX IP Visual Displays image

IPX IP Visual Displays

IPX Series displays are designed to function in spaces that don’t require a traditional speaker but do require visual communication via the integrated LCD screen and LED flashers. Models are also available with built-in speakers to facilitate general paging or emergency messaging in locations such as hallways.
IPX IP-To-Analog Gateway Controllers image

IPX IP-To-Analog Gateway Controllers

IPX Series IP-to-analog gateways allow for network connection of the gateway for audio and messaging transmission to analog amplifiers and speakers, allowing for greater coverage in areas that an IP speaker cannot cover.

IPX Series IP Endpoints


The Atlas IED Globalcom system provides EN54 certified emergency communication and mass notification solutions. Clear, concise, and intelligible communications keep people informed and safe. Globalcom doesn’t just claim to provide the highest levels of intelligibility. It’s been tested and proven in most of the world’s largest airports where strict requirements are upheld for mission-critical messages.

The system can accommodate simple needs for small health clinics and manufacturing facilities yet still powerful enough to meet the needs of large campuses and transportation hubs. Since Globalcom utilises existing network infrastructure, it easily grows and expands with your business needs or physical building additions.

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AtlasIED provides free training in the form of Online Courses, Certifications, and Webinars.

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