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Who Are Cornered Audio?

Cornered Audio specializes in offering aesthetic sound systems for commercial and custom installation. With a unique 90 degree triangular design, Cornered speakers make for a discrete and elegant installation. Forget about brackets and put them straight onto your wall or ceiling, under balconies, or of course - in the corner. Blending in while being beautiful makes Cornered the perfect addition to elegant interior design.


Cornered Audio speakers mount directly in corners or onto walls and ceilings without brackets. With a unique triangular design, Cornered speakers can be discreetly placed in applications such as on-wall, on the ceiling, under-balcony, or of course in the corner, for cleaner, more imaginative interior designs. And with speaker cables cornered as well, the overall solution is pleasing to the eye, as well as the ear. Capable of delivering serious sound pressure levels and uniform coverage, Cornered speakers offer a discreet and elegant solution for professional sound reinforcement.

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Cornered Audio loudspeakers can be mounted horizontally or vertically, to the wall or ceiling. The elegant design makes installation a cinch leaving a very clean-looking installation and a superb audio output. The loudspeakers benefit from the coupling effect, meaning an increase in bass frequencies when mounted on wall surfaces. When in a corner (between two walls or a ceiling) this bass boost is further increased, resulting in a nice warmth of sound. Contrary to their name, however, they can be mounted on a single wall or ceiling for a one-sided installation.

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Whether you are an End User, Systems Integrator, or a Technology Consultant, our team will work with you to understand your requirements and will aim to provide you with a design, specification, or product, which often needs to integrate with technology which you or your client may already be using within the workplace already. Our in-house expertise ranges from audio to video, Unified Communications to media networking and we are able to offer advice on a single product or complete solutions to meet your needs. Whilst you may have ideas of technology that you already wish to use, our discussions often start with a simple ‘why?’ or ‘what is it you want to achieve?’. This simply allows us to understand your needs and make recommendations of suggestions, even if it’s a recommendation on product that we don’t supply ourselves.

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The New A SERIES - Active BlueTooth Speakers

The A-series is a range of active installation speakers with Bluetooth 5.0, designed for residential installation as well as commercial installation in museums, schools, hotels and retail applications. The A-series uses the same quality drivers as the C series, and has all the Cornered virtues: Very wide dispersion, great dynamics and a sound quality second to none. In addition we use antennas with extended range - up to 30 meters line of sight - and a powerful amplifier with DSP. All packed into the discrete Cornered form factor which also allows our active speakers to be mounted flush in corners or onto wall and ceilings, without visible cables and without brackets.

C SERIES image


The Original Cornerstone

The C-series is an exquisite range of installation speakers designed for upscale entertainment venues, hotels, conference rooms and custom installations. Made in aluminium with MDF baffles and top quality drive units, the C-series cabinets are elegant and compact with very wide dispersion, low power compression and sound quality second to none. The C-series also features a discreet subwoofer designed as a pouffe, offering excellent sub bass performance in a very compact cabinet.
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Loves Food, Shopping and the Outdoors!

The Ci series is a feature packed range of loudspeakers designed for commercial installations. With ABS cabinets, IP65 certification and 100V mode, the Ci series can be installed in a wide range of in- and outdoor applications such as retail stores, restaurants, cafes and meeting rooms. The slider mounting system makes installation fast and flexible and the Ci series offers excellent value for money.
ls1 series image

ls1 series

Go Big or Go Home

LS1 is a flexible line source speaker that offers an aesthetic approach to sound reinforcement in challenging venues. Two, four or six models can be flown in a straight vertical array, offering 50, 40 and 30-degree vertical coverage with throw beyond 35 meters. The rear mounted flying system is highly discreet adding to the aesthetic outlook. A powerful flyable subwoofer is available for the LS1. Six pieces LS1 deliveres up to 105 dB in 35 meters with Hi-Fi like sound quality and a very small foot print.