Audio Tools

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Workhorse - 8 Slot W/Mixer

RadialWorkhorse - 8 Slot W/Mixer(R700-0100-00)

£1,591.13 (Inc VAT)

Workhorse Q3 500 Induction Coil EQ

RadialWorkhorse Q3 500 Induction Coil EQ(R700-0160-00)

£707.17 (Inc VAT)

Workhorse Space Heater 500

RadialWorkhorse Space Heater 500(R700-0152-00)

£707.17 (Inc VAT)

Workhorse PowerTube 500 Mic Preamp

RadialWorkhorse PowerTube 500 Mic Preamp(R700-0115-00)

£707.17 (Inc VAT)

Workhorse Q4 500 Series

RadialWorkhorse Q4 500 Series(R700-0162-00)

£618.77 (Inc VAT)

Workhorse Powerpre 500 Mic Preamp

RadialWorkhorse Powerpre 500 Mic Preamp(R700-0110-00)

£530.38 (Inc VAT)

Workhorse Komit 500 Compressor

RadialWorkhorse Komit 500 Compressor(R700-0150-00)

£530.38 (Inc VAT)

Workhorse JDV-Pre 500 Instrument Preamp

RadialWorkhorse JDV-Pre 500 Instrument Preamp(R700-0120-00)

£441.98 (Inc VAT)

Workhorse PreComp 500 Series

RadialWorkhorse PreComp 500 Series(R700-0114-00)

£353.58 (Inc VAT)

Phazer Class-A Phase Adjuster

RadialPhazer Class-A Phase Adjuster(R800-1450-00)

£337.51 (Inc VAT)

EXTC 500 Series Guitar Effects Interface

RadialEXTC 500 Series Guitar Effects Interface(R700-0132-00)

£309.38 (Inc VAT)

Workhorse X-Amp 500 Series - Active Reamper

RadialWorkhorse X-Amp 500 Series - Active Reamper(R700-0130-00)

£309.38 (Inc VAT)

Workhorse JDX-500 Speaker Simulator

RadialWorkhorse JDX-500 Speaker Simulator(R700-0122-00)

£309.38 (Inc VAT)

Workhorse PhazeQ 500 Phase Adjuster

RadialWorkhorse PhazeQ 500 Phase Adjuster(R700-0140-00)

£309.38 (Inc VAT)

Workhorse TossOver 500 Series

RadialWorkhorse TossOver 500 Series(R700-0164-00)

£309.38 (Inc VAT)

Workhorse ChainDrive 500 Series

RadialWorkhorse ChainDrive 500 Series(R700-0172-00)

£309.38 (Inc VAT)

Workhorse PreMax Preamp 500 Series

RadialWorkhorse PreMax Preamp 500 Series(R700-0112-00)

£309.38 (Inc VAT)

Workhorse Tank Driver 500 Reverb I/O

RadialWorkhorse Tank Driver 500 Reverb I/O(R700-0136-00)

£309.38 (Inc VAT)

Workhorse SubMix 500 Series

RadialWorkhorse SubMix 500 Series(R700-0170-00)

£309.38 (Inc VAT)

Big Knob Studio+ 4x3 Studio Monitor Controller

MackieBig Knob Studio+ 4x3 Studio Monitor Controller(2047840-03)

£301.61 (Inc VAT)

EXTC-SA  Guitar Effect Interface for SA Series

RadialEXTC-SA Guitar Effect Interface for SA Series(R800-1420-00)

£289.30 (Inc VAT)

Big Knob Studio 3x2 Studio Monitor Controller

MackieBig Knob Studio 3x2 Studio Monitor Controller(2047820-03)

£179.00 (Inc VAT)

Pro-Iso Stereo +4dB to -10dB Converters

RadialPro-Iso Stereo +4dB to -10dB Converters(R800-1150-00)

£141.43 (Inc VAT)

ProRMP - Passive Reamper

RadialProRMP - Passive Reamper(R800-1125-00)

£101.66 (Inc VAT)

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