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Live Sound & Gigs

Professional Audio for live events & Gigs. Whether hosting an open mic night, performing with your band on the local gig circuit or getting those wedding guests dancing as a working DJ, we have all you need to get the show on the road!
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Professional Audio Applications


Professional Audio Solutions for Live Events. See how our Pro Audio solutions bring any live event to life. From small gigs to large arena concerts, stadium events and festivals, let your sound be heard with POLAR Professional Audio Solutions.
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Professional Audio Applications

Night Clubs

Professional Audio in Night Clubs . Choosing the right sound system for your space attracts popular DJ's and artists and people to your event. From intimate jazz venues to Ibiza super clubs, POLAR understands the need to build one-of-a-kind sound solutions, vital to your clubbing experience!
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Professional Audio Applications


Professional Audio for Theatre. When you’re in an amazing performance space, you can feel it. Theatre sound design is the art and science of creating a system for live performance. A theatre sound system should enhance the live performance and POLAR offer advanced and innovative audio solutions to reinforce the impact of the action and emotion on stage.