When you’re in an amazing performance space, you can feel it. Theatre sound design is the art and science of creating a system for live performance. A theatre sound system should enhance the live performance and POLAR are able to offer advanced and innovative audio solutions to reinforce the impact of the action and emotion on stage.

In theatre, it is not simply a case of putting in as much as possible, sometime less is more when listening to a performance. A theatre is fundamentally different from a cinema or any auditorium meant only for presentation because it’s a space where performers and audience create the performance together, actively exchanging attention and energy. A successful theatre audio system can support and enhances this exchange.

The increasing importance of sound in the theatre is, in part down to new and improved technologies .

POLAR are able to offer advanced and innovative solutions to any production, regardless of scale. Our experience in theatre productions runs generations deep and with an impressive inventory of audio solutions well suited for any size production including:

  • Discrete, digitally steerable beam forming loudspeaker columns. Allowing for the sound system to be easily concealed within the stage set.
  • Easily controllable digital consoles. Routing and configuration of multiple effect speakers around the theatre.
  • Personal monitoring systems to reduce the effect of sound spill from the orchestra pit.
  • Track the Actors - The TTA systems are able to control the direction of the reproduced sound in your speaker system according to the position and movements of the actors.
  • Audio Description in Theatres is a verbal commentary that tells visually impaired theatre-goers action and sound within the performance.
  • Back Stage Audio can also connect the off-stage actors to the performance on stage by show relay for their cue’s. As well as stage calls and announcement both back stage and front of house.

Please take a look at our user stories and browse our product ranges, recognised for their durability and crystal clear sonic capabilities, perfect for installation in Theatres.

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