Night Clubs

Choosing the right sound system for your space attracts popular DJ's and artists, which in turn brings more people to your event. From intimate jazz venues to Ibiza superclubs, POLAR understands the need to build "one-of-a-kind" sound solutions, vital to your clubbing experience!

In recent years, club events and nightclub installations have seen a dramatic increase in demand for the ‘best of the best’ solutions. With the rationale of delivering artist and DJ performances to consumers with ever increasing expectations the absolute highest sonic quality at the forefront of their objectives as a business.

In turn, this demand has raised the bar for manufacturers to develop and produce increasingly advanced products that test the limits of what is capable of being achieved in demanding pro applications, and breaking through previously imposed ceilings on what is possible with regards to audio quality, flexibility, power delivery and durability!

But it is not the existence of these products alone that enable the industry to thrive and develop, but the people behind them. It requires understanding, technical skill, and most importantly – passion.

At POLAR, we are fortunate enough to be armed with both the products and the people to be able to help you see any club installation or event through to completion. We have an expansive, versatile product portfolio and excellent technical foundation that enable us to provide you with the solutions you need to keep up with the ever-demanding expectations of club installations and their clientele.

An example of some the services we provide you consist of, but are not limited to:

  • Friendly pre-sales technical advice, consultation and recommendations.
  • Partial or comprehensive system design, with accompanying schematics.
  • Loudspeaker SPL distribution heat-mapping.
  • Post-sales support and troubleshooting.

Please take a look at our user stories and browse our product ranges, hand-picked for installation in the Nightclub industry.

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