Festivals are a increasingly popular and diverse hub for creativity, performance and music; but behind every memorable festival, is a robust technical backbone. POLAR have the products and solutions you need to ensure that the show goes on - come rain or shine!

For those of us who have experienced both working on and supplying technical solutions for festival and outdoor event organisers, it is all too well known that these types of events can take us, and our equipment, to some picturesque, unusual – but most importantly – demanding locations.

It is in these scenarios, that we find ourselves battling with the unpredictable. Extreme heat, torrential downpours, moisture building up by the amplifier rack, and (less than) ideal power distribution. It is considerations such as this that drive the key attributes of any worthy touring product:

From modular headset assemblies, networkable power amplifiers and loudspeaker processing. To artist personal monitoring solutions and bomb-proof DI’s, signal splitters and UHF systems; at POLAR we can provide the equipment along with an experienced team of festival veterans to provide you with the tools to ensure that the show does go on.

Please take a look at our user stories and browse our product ranges, chosen for their durability and reliability to withstand the rigors of the Touring market.

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