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Headphones & Hi-Fi

Headphones and HI-FI for music lovers. Whether you're looking for premium over ear headphones to listen to music at home with your hi-fi equipment or want to enjoy your favourite music on the move, see how POLAR has the perfect Headphone for any need.
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Music & Performance Applications

Home Studio & Recording

For aspiring solo artists, bands, DJs and producers we offer a full range of home studio and recording equipment to help you showcase your talents with professional quality results, including headphones, microphones and studio monitors.
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Live Sound & Gigs

Professional Audio for live events & Gigs. Whether hosting an open mic night, performing with your band on the local gig circuit or getting those wedding guests dancing as a working DJ, we have all you need to get the show on the road!
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Music & Performance Applications

Bass Guitar

If you are bass guitarist looking to discover your perfect sound then we offer two of the most legendary brands in the bass amplifier business: Ampeg and Gallien Krueger.