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RadialBigShot EFX v2 - Compact effect loop switcher

SKU: R800-7214-00
UPC: 676101044276

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The BigShot EFX is a true-bypass switcher that lets you set up two separate effects loops and insert them into your pedal chain at will. This means that noisy pedals or tone robbing pedals that you ‘love to hate’ can now be used and completely taken out of the signal path when they are not needed.

Better yet, while an effects loop is in ‘standby’ you can turn on and off pedals in that loop to set up for your next sound. Then, with one-foot stomp, you can turn on as many pedals as you like for a professional multi-effects performance without the usual tap dancing!

For those that like quiet tuning, you can use the second loop as a tuner out and the BigShot EFX will mute your signal with a single stomp. Compact, rugged, and plug & play easy to use the EFX gives you lots of control in a really small package. Plus it delivers a straight-through true-bypass signal path for pristine tone.

Technical Specifications

  • INPUT¼” jack connects the cable from your instrument
  • SEND-1 ~ RETURN-1¼” output and input jacks for the first effects loop
  • SEND-2 ~ RETURN-2 -¼” output and input jacks for the second effects loop
  • 9VDCPower jack connection for power supply (for LED’s only)
  • 1 FOOTSWITCHTurns LOOP-1 on and off. LED status light indicates loop is active
  • 2 FOOTSWITCHTurns LOOP-2 on and off. LED status light indicates loop is active
  • OUTPUT¼” jack connects to your amplifier
  • LOOP-1 LIFTReduces ground loop hum by disconnecting the ground at the RETURN-1 jack
  • LOOP-2 LIFT -Reduces ground loop hum by disconnecting the ground at the RETURN-2 jack
  • LOOP-2 MUTEConverts LOOP2 into a mute function to allow silent tuning

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