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Established in Canada in 1992 and owned by President and CEO Peter Janis, Radial Engineering is a global leader in audio interfaces, DI boxes and reamping technology for the professional live audio and studio recording markets. Radial products are also regularly chosen by audio/video integrators for use in non-music applications but where pristine audio is required.

Radial products are trusted by some of the biggest musicians, producers and engineers in the industry, such as Adele, Architects, Beyoncé, Bruce Springsteen, Fleetwood Mac, Guns N' Roses, Haim, Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead, Sonic Youth and many, many more...

All the products are reliable, tough-as-nails, and proudly Canadian-made!

DI Boxes & Switchers

Radial Engineering focuses on products for in the studio or onstage and offer a range of Passive and Active DI Boxes. They are designed with durability and stability to handle the rigors of stage use. Radial offers a wide array of Switchers that can be used to select, split and remotely control a variety of signals such as hi-Z guitar, low-Z microphone, line level signals or provide contact closures. Some feature 'true-bypass' switching to transfer the signal without buffers while others employ advance buffering to ensure optimal signal transfer without artefact. All are made to the very highest standards to handle the rigors of professional touring.


High Performance Interfaces

Radial's range of Interfaces are offered passive or active with input connectors that make it easy to interface with all types of unbalanced audio sources such as computers, iPods, and CD players. They are designed for professional field use, allowing signal to be transferred from one device to the other without introducing noise, distortion or artefact of any kind.


St. Vincent image

St. Vincent

Solo Artist

"Radial products are reliable and innovative. I use them every day on ideas, big and small."
Bootsy Collins image

Bootsy Collins

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Bass Guitarist

"I have had a lot of junk in my funk, but the "Firefly" DI by Radial is the real funk. She may not sing like a bumble bee or taste like a cherry pie. But the Firefly's bottom end is the best that money can buy."
Adam Christianson image

Adam Christianson

Rhythm Guitar - Architects

"The industry standard for dependable, clean live sound is Radial, without question. Whatever your needs might be, Radial make the perfect box for the job."
Shawn Mendes image

Shawn Mendes

Recording Artist

"Making a DI’d acoustic guitar sound great is SO difficult. The Radial AC-Driver has taken my acoustic guitar tone to a place I never thought possible."
Kirk Hammett image

Kirk Hammett

Lead Guitar - Metallica

"The Tonebone Hot British is very deserving of the word Hot - I definitely love my Bone!"
Lionel Ritchie image

Lionel Ritchie

Recording Artist

"When my sound engineer changed the front end of my vocal channel to the Radial PowerTube preamp, Q4 EQ and Komit compressor, I stopped mid song and asked why we did not do this sooner? My vocal has never sounded better!"