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POLAR Integrated Solutions supplies Atlas IED Atmosphere Processor for busy Sheffield pub…

Owned by the True North Brew Co., The Old Grindstone in Crookes is a popular Sheffield pub which recently underwent an extensive programme of refurbishment. Since reopening, the pub has created an immediate buzz around the quality of its food, cocktails and fine ales, and also stages a variety of events including live music, DJ sets, karaoke, quiz nights and televised sport.

Essential to the overall refurbishment, particularly in the light of the pub’s commitment to a wide programme of events, was to install a high-quality, versatile and flexible zonal audio system that could fulfil a wide range of demands. The pub needed to be able to separately control audio for four music zones, five TV screens, meeting room, and two recently installed upstairs karaoke pods. Any solution needed to be powerful enough to meet all the requirements whilst being simultaneously easy to operate for the venue staff.

Sheffield-based Audio Engineering Services was engaged to install the new system. Vastly experienced, the company has delivered solutions for every sector in the market, giving The Old Grindstone’s management team full confidence that all the pub’s aims could be fully and effectively realised. Audio Engineering Services’ Andy Fisher consulted with POLAR’s Integrated Solutions team about a potential audio processing solution that met the criteria.

POLAR’s Andy Plunkett recommended the Atmosphere AZM8 8-zone audio processor from Atlas IED and, based on Andy Fisher’s information about what the pub required, put together a design for the system with suggestions for the different ways in which it could be used. The system includes an Atlas C-ZSV Zone Source and Volume Wall Controller, and 2 x A-RCA remote audio inputs, for use with the main background music system inputs, audio routing, volume control and scene activation.

(Click the image for more information on Atlas IED Atmosphere)

Any fears Andy Fisher had about the complexity of the Atmosphere processor were quickly allayed...

“It was my first time using the Atmosphere processor, and I was slightly concerned about how complicated the setup would be. I had no reason to worry. Within minutes of booting up the unit and connecting via a local router connection, the home page and all the setup pages were so easy to navigate and also very flexible. Within a couple of hours the unit was good to go, with simple connections on the rear, it was wired into the system and ready for the install. The user interfaces are superb, with the users loving being able to use their phones to walk around the venue and set levels. I will definitely be using the systems again, no going back now!”

Kyran Shearer, Grindstone Duty Manager:

“It’s essential in a busy space like ours that technology is straightforward and easy for our staff to operate. When the system was first installed it looked pretty daunting, but turned out to be really simple to use and route the right sound where it needs to go. Audio Engineering Services have done a great job on the install and the system is working really well.”

In addition to the Atlas processor and accessories, POLAR supplied an active HK Linear 3 Compact Venue Pack PA system to cater for the variety of live bands at The Grindstone. Comprising 2 x HK Linear 3 112 FA 12” mid-high units, and 2 x LINEAR SUB 1500 A 15” subwoofers, the system offers the pub a lightweight, powerful, portable, plug and play system with onboard presets that achieve impressive results.

Andy Plunkett of POLAR Integrated Solutions was very pleased with the outcome at The Grindstone:

“The solution at The Grindstone is a good illustration of the maxim that ‘simple’ doesn’t have to be ‘basic’. There’s a lot of technology crammed into the Atmosphere AZM8 processor which enables the venue to seamlessly achieve all its aims without compromise - the key to its overall success is that its operation doesn’t require extensive technical knowledge. Once installed and set up, as Kyran points out, everything is intuitive and easy to use. The HK Venue Pack, which can be up and running in minutes, is an excellent complement to the installed system, ensuring that every base is covered. The Grindstone’s investment clearly demonstrates the value that the management places on having a comprehensive and flexible audio system to support the broad range of entertainment that is an essential part of its business.”