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True Collaboration

Empower teams to collaborate anytime, anywhere

T1V offer a suite of hardware and software based collaboration products which work cohesively to support a seamless intuitive user experience for in room and remote participants. Collaborative working as a concept has been around for a long time, but in so many cases, it’s been no more than a buzzword for sharing screens over a video call. The T1V range addresses collaboration in the truest sense of the word, allowing the sharing of a huge digital canvas, multiple windows and application sharing with annotation tools. All of T1V’s solutions are built for BYOD (Bring your own device) and will support the plethora of devices, programs and platforms of today’s meeting and learning environments.


Ditch Your Linear Slide Decks!

Use the power of storytelling to inspire and persuade your audience. Make it personal, so that you increase emotion to get their full attention with engaging and memorable content. To capitalise on customer engagements, you must create a WOW-moment that your audience will relate to, and for that you require a personalised story for your audience to be enthralled by. Throw off the shackles to pre-determined linear slide decks and get your audience to lean in and listen to what you have to say with a memorable interactive story they can easily retell to others.

Engage Your Audience With:

Elevate Your Brand

Make every interaction unique with Investors, Customers and Suppliers.

Storytelling increases emotion and makes it more personal and engaging.

T1V Story inspires and persuades and creates a lasting memory.

T1V Thinkhub

Visual Collaboration Platform for Hybrid Teams and Spaces

ThinkHub consolidates the moving pieces of teamwork, devices, applications, people, ideas and content to revolutionise your ability to achieve great work, together. Whether you’re giving a presentation, running a brainstorming session, strategising, and more, ThinkHub wireless collaboration software allows you to engage with your peers and cultivate exceptional work in real-time, while saving time. Whether you're working with a single panel or multipanel video wall, ThinkHub solutions are highly flexible and can be seamlessly integrated with your space.

Built for teams who want to do more, together

Visual Collaboration Platform for

Innovation Rooms image

Innovation Rooms

Visitor Centres image

Visitor Centres

Entrepreneurial Learning image

Entrepreneurial Learning

Core Uses of Thinkhub

• Brainstorming and ideation sessions
• Remote collaboration and working sessions
• Presentation creation and delivery
• Strategic planning and data visualisation
• Prototyping
• Product development and management
• Agile improvement processes and iteration
• Virtual selling
• Design planning and management

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