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Avonic CamDirector® Teacher Tracker


Avonic’s CamDirector® Teacher Tracker is a unique tracking solution that creates automatic multi camera video registrations of lectures. It can automatically find the teacher in a room with students and provides elegant close-ups of the teacher, even in large lecture halls and auditoriums. The live video output automatically switches between overview shots of the classroom and close-ups of the teacher. With the CamDirector® Teacher Tracker Software Avonic sets the new standard for automated lecture recordings.

Hassle-free lectures

Let teachers focus on teaching instead of technology

The CamDirector® Teacher Tracker allows teachers to focus on teaching without any type of technical distraction. Compared to other tracking solutions the CamDirector® Teacher Tracker has many advantages that create hassle-free lectures. The system runs automatically when a lecture starts without the need to wear distracting equipment.There is no need to upload photos for face recognition and no person ever has to worry when multiple presenters are on stage. The teacher does not need to be aware of the system at all, so they can focus on their lecture. Let teachers focus on teaching instead of technology.

• System runs automatically when lecture starts.
• No longer wear distracting equipment.
• Never worry about multiple presenters on stage.
• No need to upload images of presenters.

Consistent and accurate tracking

Never a problem catching up with the teacher

Imagine you have to watch lectures multiple hours a day. Most tracking cameras move way too fast in an attempt to catch up on a teacher moving around in class. The CamDirector® provides the reliable solution meaning no more difficulty finding the teacher in a room, never get lost at all when multiple people are on stage and even keeps eye on the teacher when he or she looks towards the board instead of the audience. The CamDirector® Teacher Tracker is by design not affected by this and provides a unprecedented 99% tracking accuracy.

• Smooth image capturing with two individual cameras.
• Detects multiple presenters and switches automatically to overview.
• 99% tracking accuracy.
• Detects teachers when facing the other way.

Maximized ease of integration

Takes away expensive human resources

The CamDirector® Teacher Tracker is designed for large educational deployments. Installation of the CamDirector® Teacher Tracker is quick and easy with only mounting the 2-camera system to a wall or ceiling and perform a one-time setup that allows the system to run for many years independently. Remote monitoring and automatic updating make large deployments easy to manage. Next to the ease of integration its ease of operation saves time and money when it comes to human resources needed to maintain the system but also to create high-level content that really engages with the audience.

• Easy one time 10-minute setup.
• Over-the-air updates.
• Remote monitoring.

Track and Switch TV-like experience

Feels like being part of the audience

Creating an automatic mix of overview shots and close-ups, the output of the CamDirector® Teacher Tracker is for everyone pleasant to watch. The CamDirector® Teacher Tracker follows the teacher’s movement in a calm and natural way and alternates these images with overview shots giving the viewer the experience of being part of the audience in the room.

• A mix of overview shots and close-ups.
• A calm and natural way of watching.
• Makes it easy to watch lectures for hours.
• Stay connected with teachers and students.

Privacy Built

Meeting your own privacy standards

Distance learning requires new specifications when it comes to privacy standards. The CamDirector® Teacher Tracker is built around privacy. All image processing is done locally in the classroom without the need to be connected to the internet. Avonic gives educational institutions the tools to set privacy settings according to their own standards.

• Built around privacy.
• No need to be connected to the internet.
• Image processing is done locally.
• Provides the tools to meet own privacy standards.

From small Classrooms To LARGE Auditoria...

Perfect tracking in every environment

• A solution for every educational institution.
• A reliable system that can run for years.
• Tracking distance from 3 to 55 meters.