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For aspiring solo artists, bands, DJs, and producers we offer a full range of home studio and recording equipment to help you showcase your talents with professional quality results, including headphones, microphones, and studio monitors.

Beyerdynamic's studio headphones are a long-established favourite of professional recording facilities across the globe and can be seen everywhere from Abbey Road to BBC Live Lounge sessions. They are trusted for their unbiased and neutral sound, that allow accurate monitoring and mixing. If you want to achieve professional results use what the pros use: DT 770 Pro - the name says it all!

Beyerdynamic also offers a wide range of microphones to suit any recording application or instrument, including classic studio models such as the M 88 TG and MC 930. Whether you're recording vocals, close-miking guitar amplifiers, capturing a full drum kit, or an orchestral ensemble; beyerdynamic has the perfect microphone to suit the task.

Mackie studio monitors need no introduction, with the HR series being an industry standard for over a decade. Mackie has built their reputation by bringing professional performance and features into project studios and home recording set-ups with a range of monitor speakers that deliver well above their price point. If you want your mixtape or demo to get noticed don't hit upload until you've listened to it on Mackie studio monitors!