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Legacy 800 - 800 Watt Bass Amplifier

Gallien KruegerLegacy 800 - 800 Watt Bass Amplifier(302-0960-A)

£850.46 (Inc VAT)

Workhorse Q3 500 Induction Coil EQ

RadialWorkhorse Q3 500 Induction Coil EQ(R700-0160-00)

£707.17 (Inc VAT)

KickStand Bass Drum Microphone Stand

PrimacousticKickStand Bass Drum Microphone Stand(P300020000)

£83.02 (Inc VAT)

GS-1000 Pro - Genesis Guitar Stand

UltimateSupportGS-1000 Pro - Genesis Guitar Stand(GS-1000-PRO)

£35.00 (Inc VAT)

Twin-City Bones - Active ABY switcher

ToneboneTwin-City Bones - Active ABY switcher(R800-7115-00)

£174.85 (Inc VAT)

Amiron Wireless Copper High-end Bluetooth Headphones

beyerdynamicAmiron Wireless Copper High-end Bluetooth Headphones(718602)

£699.00 (Inc VAT)

MDB-1P Passive Direct Box

MackieMDB-1P Passive Direct Box(2049171-00)

£53.00 (Inc VAT)

Nimbus - White Acoustic Ceiling Cloud

PrimacousticNimbus - White Acoustic Ceiling Cloud(Z840122509)

£279.02 (Inc VAT)

JD6 Six-Channel Rackmount Direct Box

RadialJD6 Six-Channel Rackmount Direct Box(R800-6000-00)

£1,044.68 (Inc VAT)

JS-MNT101 - iPad Holder

UltimateSupportJS-MNT101 - iPad Holder(JS-MNT101)

£19.99 (Inc VAT)

London 8 in Grey Acoustic Wall Panel Room Kit

PrimacousticLondon 8 in Grey Acoustic Wall Panel Room Kit(Z900010508)

£276.70 (Inc VAT)

Broadband Absorber 3" Square Edge - Black  (24" x 48" x 3") Acoustic Wall Panel

PrimacousticBroadband Absorber 3" Square Edge - Black (24" x 48" x 3") Acoustic Wall Panel(F103244800)

£553.42 (Inc VAT)

DT 100 in Black Closed Headphone (400 Ohm)

beyerdynamicDT 100 in Black Closed Headphone (400 Ohm)(421464)

£119.00 (Inc VAT)

DLM12S 12" Powered Subwoofer

MackieDLM12S 12" Powered Subwoofer(2037880-03)

£998.23 (Inc VAT)



£110.69 (Inc VAT)


beyerdynamicMKV 7(453978)

£11.58 (Inc VAT)

MP BTA Bluetooth Adapter

MackieMP BTA Bluetooth Adapter(2052040-00)

£87.54 (Inc VAT)

ProFX12 Rackmount Kit

MackieProFX12 Rackmount Kit(2045757-00)

£59.95 (Inc VAT)

StudioQ - Studio Talkback Interface

RadialStudioQ - Studio Talkback Interface(R800-1435-00)

£286.12 (Inc VAT)

Control Cube 2" Square Edge - Grey Acoustic Wall Panel

PrimacousticControl Cube 2" Square Edge - Grey Acoustic Wall Panel(F102242408)

£664.10 (Inc VAT)

JS-MCRB100 - Jamstand Round Base Mic Stand

UltimateSupportJS-MCRB100 - Jamstand Round Base Mic Stand(JS-MCRB100)

£25.00 (Inc VAT)

EDT 220 S

beyerdynamicEDT 220 S(907038)

£17.17 (Inc VAT)

K 100.07 3m - 3.5mm Stereo Jack

beyerdynamicK 100.07 3m - 3.5mm Stereo Jack(482153)

£34.79 (Inc VAT)

CR5-XBT 5" Multimedia Monitors

MackieCR5-XBT 5" Multimedia Monitors(2052121-03)

£202.46 (Inc VAT)

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