We stock a great range of audio mixers both in analog and digital formats. As mixers are at the heart of any recording studio, we ensure that the mixers we sell are from highly established brands, and can meet any challenge you might face in the recording and mixing booths. Shop now for next day or weekend delivery.


We know that audio mixers are the heart of any music studio, allowing you to control of each instrument and vocal while you’re recording or performing live. Take complete control over every sound and apply effects such as reverb, delay, chorus and more to produce high quality sound.

We stock a range of analog and digital mixers from both Mackie and Radial.

What does an Audio Mixer do?
In simple terms, a mixer takes various audio sources through multiple input channels and allows you to adjust levels and other attributes of the sound and then combine them into a smaller number, or even a singular output.

Do you need an audio mixer?
Depending on your recording requirements you may not need an audio mixer – if you’re recording in your own home studio with a singular audio source you could just use an audio interface. However, for live performances, live gigs or when you’re recording with more than one audio input, an audio mixer is particularly useful, especially where there are multiple microphones and instruments being played simultaneously. This enables you to create a clear, solid mix and not worry about one sound overpowering others.

A dedicated mixer is essential for providing high-quality audio for recording and performance.

Audio Interfaces vs Mixers
While audio mixers can often be confused for audio interfaces, audio mixers serve a completely different purpose. Mixers offer ultimate control over your audio with dials and sliders allow you to fade, equalize and control other effects such as reverb, delay, and chorus for each individual line input.

Do mixers affect sound quality?
Mixers have a significant impact on the quality of sound you produce in both the studio and in a live performance. Without a mixer you would be unable to turn up and down a particular instrument or vocal, hampering your ability to produce high quality audio.

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