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PrimacousticMaxTrap in Black/Grey

SKU: Z840111008
UPC: 676101038381

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Using the Primacoustic MaxTrap in a room provides tighter, more accurate bass, reduced flutter echo and helps with eliminating troublesome standing waves that cause peaks and nulls. The listening "sweet spot" will also enlarge and recordings translate accurately when played in different rooms and audio playback systems. When combined with Primacoustic Broadway panels and diffusers, one can turn virtually any room into a well-balanced acoustic space.

The MaxTrap combines a diaphragmatic resonator with a full-size acoustic panel in a sealed enclosure to provide 3-way absorption throughout the full frequency spectrum. This unique design begins with a 3″ thick front-mounted 24″ x 48″ Broadway panel made from 6lb per cubic foot high-density glass wool fibre.
Available in black, beige or grey, MaxTraps ship flat and assemble in minutes using standard household tools. Optimum placement is in corners where walls intersect and sound naturally gathers. For rooms where windows and doors are in the way, the wall-mounted Primacoustic FullTrap presents an excellent alternative.

  • Frame MaterialBlack melamine laminated MDF
  • Dimensions24” (610mm) x 48” (1219mm) x 19” (See detail dimensions)
  • Panel MaterialFormed, semirigid inorganic glass fibers; Density 6.0 lbs. pcf. (96 kg/m3)
  • Fabric FacingAcoustically transparent polyester
  • Diaphragmatic MembraneLoaded vinyl, 1.0 lbs. per square foot (4.88 Kg/m2)
  • Fabric Color CodesBlack=00, Beige=03, Grey=08
  • Mounting HardwareWall mounting cleat, wood screws and drywall anchors included.

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