POLAR Creates New Pro Audio Division

POLAR, established supplier to the install, MI retail and pro audio markets, has announced the creation of a dedicated Pro Audio division to provide a more focused service to its customers specialising in live sound and large venue audio systems.

Headed up by Sales Manager Andy Plunkett, and supported by Business Development Managers Nick Bellis and Stuart Russell, the establishment of the division reflects POLAR’s expanded portfolio of brands in this sector, including industry legends Midas, Lab.Gruppen, Turbosound, Tannoy and Lake.

According to POLAR Managing Director, John Midgley, the creation of a specialised team in this area of business was essential:
“Taking into account our expanded range of pro audio brands and setting them into context alongside our existing stable of live sound brands like beyerdynamic, Radial, HK Audio, MC2, XTA and Mackie, having a dedicated team in this area will be of great advantage to our customers.

“By developing training programmes, staging product experience events and end-user demonstrations, we’ll be able to spend more time working with them on the benefits that these brands bring to any given application. The team’s vast experience means that POLAR can offer full system design support from conception, through detailed design, modelling and proof of concept, to delivery.”

The expertise of POLAR’s new Pro Audio division combined with its established Integrated Solutions division enables the company to draw from its extensive portfolio to provide turnkey solutions in every area, including foreground sound, PA/VA and distributed video and control.

Andy Plunkett adds:
“Our recent series of POLAR Roadshow demonstration events really highlighted the need for us to get in closer touch with this market, which is full of passionate and informed professionals. Creating a specific department within POLAR allows us to give more of our attention to these guys and we’re really looking forward to spending time in some ways re-introducing POLAR as the first port of call for these industry-standard brands.

“We also know from experience that a significant percentage of ‘live sound’ companies also regularly work in the venue installation sector, where of course these same brands are totally relevant. What we add is experience of, and access to, life safety and video distribution solutions for such projects, so we really do offer the complete package”