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Midas Consoles Releases V2.0.0 Firmware Update

Midas V2 introduces a host of new features, effects, and integrations for its flagship HD96-24 console, streamlining audio professionals’ production workflow. Key enhancements include Macros, which allows users to automate repetitive tasks and create custom sequences of commands effortlessly, and a new “Update Scenes” function which allows absolute or relative changes to send levels in many scenes at once (quickly and simply). V2 also now allows users to seamlessly integrate with external hardware like the Sennheiser EM6000. The addition of “Two Way Flip” also allows the user to select an input channel and control its contribution level to all output channels via the displayed output faders. The update also brings innovative effects such as TC Electronic MD4, and Midas Transient Gate for sound refinement. The inclusion of Brainwave Spatial Audio adds detail and immersion to the audio experiences, whilst the External Gate Insert provides users with precise control over background noise and unwanted sounds.

With an emphasis on compatibility, performance, and creative control, Midas V2 allows users to maximise their creative potential. With further updates to come to the software, Midas Consoles’ V2.0.0 update is poised to become the ultimate audio software solution for professionals worldwide.

Update available to download FREE via the mCloud.


  • Added simple button triggered macros, users can record channel parameters, basic navigation and FX on/off states and trigger replay on the UI or a surface button.
  • Two-way Flip, allowing selection of input channel to flip output faders.
  • Sennheiser EM6000 RF Microphone integration.
  • External inserts can now be added/patched in the channel widget.
  • Update scenes, allows updating send on/off and level through multiple scenes, with absolute or relative changes.
  • Transient Gate effect.
  • TC Electronic MD4 Finaliser effect.
  • Brainwave binaural IEM effect.


  • GUI now shows VCA mute status as well as surface.


  • Fixed inconsistent values in Midas Delay effect.
  • Correct units for DN780 are now shown on One Shot Pot rotaries.
  • Fixes for One Shot Pot gain controls when using second source.
  • Shout mixer GUI fix for channels with tags.
  • Fixed inconsistent contributors ordering.
  • Flatten EQ now works as expected in Manchino page.
  • DN670, 1176KT and Smart Dynamics effects now default to unity gain.
  • Reduce GUI jitter when making HPF changes below 20Hz.
  • DL155 AES settings are now saved at show level.

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