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NAMM 2023 - ANAHEIM, CA - APRIL 13th, 2023 – beyerdynamic - the preferred audio brand for live music and studio professionals globally - is unveiling a redesign of its storied M Series mics at NAMM 2023. The iconic M Series, which has recorded Jimi Hendrix's explosive guitar riffs and accompanied Dua Lipa’s global ‘Future Nostalgia’ tour, is getting a design refresh to merge tradition with future. The new design keeps to the mics’ core principles and retains the sound quality loved by generations of artists, but gains a new future aesthetic, in line with other beyerdynamic gear and perfect for today’s emerging pro audio talent. Together with esteemed studio artists Steve Albini and Eddie Kramer, and exciting performances from several live musicians, beyerdynamic will celebrate this milestone with a booth at NAMM that pays homage to the history of its microphones and headphones, and looks forward to the future of audio creation.

“For more than 60 years, beyerdynamic’s created masterpieces like the M 160 in Germany, while musicians, producers, and sound engineers have been doing the same with our products around the world,” said beyerdynamic’s director of production, Thorsten Bender. “Now, our tradition of excellence in sound and build quality will continue to power the next 60 years of pro-audio creation.” 


For decades, M Series mics have married excellent sound quality with precise manufacturing at the highest level. Their audio quality continues to set the standard globally for professionals who consistently use the mics for their natural sound with little discoloration, excellent technical properties such as high impulse fidelity, and application-specific product designs. From the earliest stages of development through testing, M Series’ quality has traditionally been achieved through detailed production in Germany, accentuated by precision filigree work - handcrafted by a select group of brilliant craftspeople.

“Our two double-ribbon microphones - the M 160 and M 130 - are particularly difficult to produce,” continued Bender. “We carefully select specialists who’ve undergone up to a year of training and have outstanding dexterity - which is why only a few employees are currently able to manufacture mics such as the M 160.”


That tradition will carry on with the newly designed series but add the benefit of a more streamlined production and build process to enhance everything from logistics to servicing. Without changing the beloved sound of the various M Series mics, this new design direction will make changes around the product to enhance the overall M-Series experience.

“When a product line is so beloved that it lasts 60 years on the market, it’s critical to balance making nuanced changes with maintaining what makes the products beloved in the first place,” said Bender.

The newly refreshed mics will follow a uniform design language and product name strategy across the series - creating a simplified and visual expression of beyerdynamic’s microphone DNA. Optimizing the way, the mics have been produced for decades will also create inventory stability and better serviceability.

Starting later this year, all beyerdynamic online stores, dealers, and retailers will begin to exclusively sell the newly updated M Series mics. Servicing and support will continue for existing M Series models as the Pro-Audio world transitions with us into this next chapter of the beyerdynamic M Series mics.