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Without a doubt, the DT 770 PRO headphone model has set new standards in the world of studio headphones. Its exceptional precision, high resolution and transparent sound make it a favourite for professional recording and monitoring in both large and small recording studios, as well as in television productions and streaming. The silver-grey velour ear pads and the buttonable headband also guarantee a high level of comfort even during long sessions.

Read on and see for yourself what professionals think about the headphones:

“The things that come to mind are convenient, reliable, fun to work with(!) and unrivalled value for money.”

Pascal “Kalli” Reinhardt, songwriter and music producer

“Walk into any reputable studio, and you’re likely to find Beyerdynamic headphones adorning the heads of industry veterans and rising stars alike, a testament to their widespread popularity and universal acclaim.”

Jack Lailheugue, In-house engineer at Rue Boyer studios

We have come up with something very special to celebrate our 100th company anniversary, because we want to celebrate the success story of the DT 770 PRO together with you.


We have listened carefully to your feedback on our classic DT 770 PRO and taken it into account, and have implemented it in our latest studio headphones. We are therefore delighted to present the DT 770 PRO X Limited Edition.

Among the many new features of the DT 770 PRO X Limited Edition that are sure to delight you is the long-awaited detachable cable. There is also no need to think about impedance or whether the interface is correct, as the STELLAR.45 driver delivers excellent sound quality on different playback devices.

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A lot has happened in the field of music production since the 1980s, especially in the studio. One of the most significant changes is undoubtedly the transition from analogue to digital technology. In the past, you needed expensive equipment such as mixing consoles, tape machines and effects units. Nowadays, however, this is no longer necessary, with many functions having been replaced by software solutions. The mixing console is now located in the virtual space, in a digital audio workstation (DAW) on the computer. The same is true of the tape machine and various effect devices, which have been replaced by plug-ins. Despite this digital revolution, however, there are components that are still irreplaceable: Microphones, headphones and studio monitors (loudspeakers). These input and output devices are essential for the quality and performance of music production. Even in a digital studio environment, high-quality input and output devices are indispensable.

Headphones are often favoured as an output device as they provide consistent sound in any environment, unlike monitor speakers which can sound different depending on the environment and room set-up. Headphones are therefore often the first choice for the reference sound that you can rely on for every sound. The DT 770 PRO is also particularly suitable for everyday studio use, as it has a very robust design, delivers a neutral sound and can handle high levels without distortion. Even after many years of use and possible signs of wear and tear on the ear pads or other components, we offer the option to replace many parts to ensure the long-term functionality of the headphones. This availability of spare parts is often not the case with other manufacturers, and contributes to the sustainability and longevity of the DT 770 PRO.

Some professionals have been relying on this model for years due to its long-term availability. After working with the same headphones for so long, you get to know your reference sound and often develop a loyal bond with the product and the brand.

All these features make it the first choice in many studios, as well as a reliable tool for professional applications.

Pascal “Kalli” Reinhardt has also experienced many years with the headphones as a faithful companion:

“The sound is so balanced and unadultered that it is always the perfect reference for me, regardless of the genre. I produced and mixed songs for Kontra K, Helene Fischer and Nico Santos exclusively on the DT 770 PRO because I was always in other studios and could only rely on the DT 770 PRO! And the best thing is that, unlike other headphones, you don’t have to take out a loan for the DT 770 PRO; I was able to use it even before I started earning money with music. So I’ve been training my ears with the same headphones for over ten years and I know 100% what I’m listening to.”



Would you like to take a look behind the scenes and find out from our former designer and acoustician how the DT 770 PRO was created in 1985? We invited them both to Heilbronn for a chat and heard some interesting stories about their work.


After this review, we’ll give you an overview of how and why the headphones have changed here and there.

The biggest challenge over the last 40 years has been and still is reliability in production. Suppliers, employees, production conditions, costs and much more are subject to change over the years.

The most important goal is to deliver consistently high quality. In addition to many internal improvements to tools and measuring procedures, for example, we have also taken specific customer requirements into account.

Robust spring steel bracket image

Robust spring steel bracket

Originally developed for hi-fi and music lovers, the DT 770 became increasingly recognised by professional sound engineers. This progress resulted in the further development of the hi-fi version, for which the original plastic bracket was replaced by a robust design made of spring steel and aluminium, which ultimately contributed to the creation of the PRO version.
Impedance version image

Impedance version

Furthermore, the first version was offered exclusively with an impedance of 600 ohms. However, to ensure that every customer – regardless of the hardware to which the headphones are connected – can utilise the reference sound of our DT 770 PRO, the product range has been expanded to include additional models (32, 80 and 250 ohms).
Nameplate image


We have recently made changes to the nameplate with a new logo and new font. The nameplate has become part of the housing and is no longer an individual component that provides additional stability and durability.
Changing ear pads image

Changing ear pads

As the DT 770 PRO is often in use for many years and is generally subject to intensive use, it is all the more important that the headphones can be retrofitted with new ear pads. This is why the notch on the housing was introduced, making it easier for the end customer to change the ear pads.
Locking mechanism image

Locking mechanism

In addition, the locking mechanism on the side of the headphones has been redesigned to ensure easier height adjustment.
Diaphragm coating image

Diaphragm coating

To ensure each individual headphone has a high sound quality, the diaphragm, which plays a key role in the sound, is no longer coated by hand, but by a machine that delivers consistent results.

The only element that we will never revise is the reference sound, which has remained untouched to this day, is valued by customers and is established worldwide.

“For me, the DT 770 PRO is to headphones what the Yamaha NS-10 is to speakers. Everyone knows what it sounds like, it is an absolute benchmark and you can rely on it no matter where you are. The difference is, unlike the NS-10, the DT 770 PRO still sounds good. 😉“

Pascal “Kalli” Reinhardt, songwriter and music producer