Tour Essentials

You’ve played a few gigs at your local watering hole, but now it’s time to hit the road and show the people what you’ve got. But what do you take with you? Don’t worry, because POLAR has got you covered with our list of Tour Essentials.

Essential Gear

Your instrument - Duh.

Microphone(s) - Watch out on those high notes (Take a look at all mics).

Speaker cabinet - Blast those dirty riffs with Gallien-Krueger.

Amp head - Crank it up to 11 with Gallien-Krueger.

Cables - Be sure to invest in quality cables.

Pedals - One, two, or seven. Put the pedal to the metal with Tonebone.

Small PA system - Some smaller venues may not have a decent PA system, if any at all, so it’s best to be prepared and take Mackie with you.

Heavy duty instrument case - Where else are you going to put all those tour stickers?

Duct or Gaffer tape - Whether it’s to keep a cable out of the way or to hold on that piece of thread you call a guitar strap, heavy duty tape is a must!


Strings - How else are you going to shred?

Picks - So you can look cool and flick them out at the crowd every night like a Rock ’n’ Roll legend

Extension cords - “Unlimited power” - Darth Sidious, A galaxy far, far away

Power converters - Just in case you take the wrong train and end up in Paris

Sharpie - For drawing fake moustaches on your passed-out bandmates

Multi-tool - For multi-tooling

Promotional flyers - Get yourself out there

In-ear monitors - To make sure your band-mates are playing properly (Check out Mackie's in-ear monitors)

Mix tape/playlist for the van - Preferably extra lit

Merch - Sell, sell, sell!

Frisbee - Because why not?

Toiletries - For hygiene, obviously

Notepad - For the tortured artist to write down their feelings

So there it is, your Tour Essentials. Time to hit the road and rock on!

Work hard, play harder.

Written by Mat Garrett