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The SPK1-C880T-WH is a cost-effective and easy-to-install 8" in-ceiling speaker. The frequency response and SPL performance is well suited for speech and background music applications. The C880T supports low impedance and 70/100V operation, making it a versatile solution for installations where the budget is TiGHT yet the demands are high.

A cardboard cutout template is included in the box, and spring clamp doglegs make the installation a breeze. The white magnetic grille locks firmly to the speaker rim, giving the installation a clean and sleek look.

As with all TiGHT AV hardware, the C880T comes with a limited 5 year warranty. Furthermore, a 6 month Advance Replacement policy lets you receive a replacement speaker prior to returning a faulty unit, at our expense.


The USB-SW21 Host Switcher is a clever device that allows for two computers to share the same USB peripherals in a room. With the press of a button, whether on the device itself or externally configured via RS232, you can switch control over KVM, microphones, speakers etc between the two computers, with zero latency hitches.

The USB-SW21 can be powered via 12V DC or PoE+, for a trouble-free installation. The unit is configured and controlled via an intuitive web UI, or you can add third-party integration vi the open API.

Features at a glance:

  • 3x USB Device ports Type A and 1xUSB-C
  • Shared 2.6 A device power (single port max 1.5A)
  • 2x USB 3.2 Gen 2 Host ports Type C USB
  • Backward compatible with 3.0/2.0/1.1
  • USB HOST auto-switching, manual or GPI
  • Ethernet, RS232 and GPI control (Contact closure mode available)
  • Open API
  • WEB UI for configuration, FW upgrades and control
  • Selectable data transfer speed 5G or 10G (Gen1 or Gen2)
  • Controllable USB Device port power per port and measurement
  • POE+ or local 12V adapter

T-Network Series

Cutting-edge AVoIP devices for seamless collaboration

TiGHT AV today proudly unveiled its T-Network Series, a revolutionary line of AVoIP (Audio Video over IP) devices that redefine user experience and flexibility in AV environments. Meticulously designed in Scandinavia, the T-Network Series seamlessly integrates Dante AV-A technology to deliver unparalleled audio and video performance.

Unparalleled flexibility and simplicity

The T-Network Series is powered by Dante AV-A technology, enabling seamless integration of audio, video, and control signals across a wide range of network infrastructures. Our proprietary management software provides advanced routing capabilities, enabling users to effortlessly control and manage their AV networks. The T-Network line of products are also fully compatible with direct-control API, Dante Control and DDM for full flexibility.


  • Advanced Routing for Video/Audio/USB and Control
  • 4K60 1G Ethernet
  • PoE/PoE+ pass-through
  • Audio embedding/de-embedding
  • 2x2 CH Dante Audio break-in/out
  • LED display for easy installation and troubleshooting
  • Video Wall up to 16x16 with Mosaic configuration support
  • USB 2.0 transport and routing/ Mouse Roaming in Video Wall mode
  • Built-in WEB UI for configuration and setup
  • Open direct-control API
  • Compatible with Dante Control & DDM
  • Proprietary software for management and mass deployment

Enhanced connectivity in an elegant package

To further enhance the versatility of the T-Network Series, we have incorporated modern conveniences such as Dante Audio break in/out, USB-C 100W PD (*T-NET-ENC-C211-DA), and PoE/PoE+ pass-through. This ensures that users have the flexibility they need to tailor their AV setups to their specific requirements.

Designed for modern collaboration

The T-Network Series is the culmination of our commitment to designing cutting-edge AVoIP solutions that meet the needs of modern collaboration spaces. Our focus on user-friendliness and flexibility ensures that users can easily integrate and manage their AV networks, enabling seamless collaboration and productivity.


The TNET-ENC-H101-DA is equipped with 4K60 1G Ethernet with subframe latency, making it ideal for streaming high-resolution content over a network. It also features dual LAN ports with PoE/PoE+ pass-through, a USB host port, HDMI loop output, 2x2 CH Dante Audio and audio embedding/de-embedding.


The TNET-ENC-C211-DA adds the convenience of a USB-C port with 100W Power Delivery (PD).


The TNET-DEC-H211-DA features a built-in scaler for full flexibility and a local HDMI input for use with digital signage players or room PCs.