BluOS and URC Partner to Develop Feature Rich Integration Module to Enhance Audiophile Experiences

Starting immediately, URC and BluOS have partnered to create integrations between Total Control®, URC’s award-winning residential and commercial automation platform, and BluOS. This collaboration allows seamless control of high-definition audio streaming via URC’s control products to BluOS-enabled products from Bluesound, Bluesound Professional, NAD Electronics, DALI Loudspeakers and Monitor Audio. 

The BluOS module provides two-way control and feedback of all BluOS devices. This robust Total Control 2.0 module features a number of insightful innovations developed directly by URC such as: 

  • Macro integration via two-way module commands and automation capabilities with Device Events
  • Compatibility with any Total Control or Total Control Flex system 
  • Ability to assign a different Default Player to any/each interface
  • Discovery and display of all supported BluOS devices in the system
  • Source distribution such as a NODE 2i Wireless Multi-Room Hi-Res Music Streamer which can be connected as a source to HDA amplifiers for streaming throughout the entire system
  • Ability to generously configure and control macros and user settings….and more 

This new BluOS Music Player Two-Way Module for URC Total Control systems is available for download at

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