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Yamaha UC delivers better communication in the world of business with microphone systems , conference phones and huddle room video conferencing solutions for telephony and unified communications. Conferencing solutions throughout their product range enable the most natural conversation in every meeting space. Yamaha UC develop products that are compatible with a wide variety of standards; allowing customers to design communications solutions best suited to their requirements while knowing their hardware investment will not become obsolete.

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"Enjoy unmatched quality with crisp conversations and intelligible speech. Hear every word even when multiple people talk at the same time with automatic volume adjustments that normalise loud and soft voices to comfortable levels."

The Yamaha UC range of products includes solutions which integrate with existing technologies used within the business environments including VoIP and analogue telephony. With the increasing adoption of huddle spaces, a growing range of products and conference speakerphones for use with software codecs such as Skype for Business and Zoom are now offered, with some of the Yamaha UC products being Skype for Business certified. Yamaha UC brings an exciting addition in the Yamaha CS-700 which packs technology into a sound bar solution for small meeting spaces.

Yamaha UC really can boast that they offer a unified communication solution for every type of meeting room.

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Whether you are an End User, Systems Integrator or a Technology Consultant, our team will work with you to understand your requirements and will aim to provide you with a design, specification, or product, which often needs to integrate with technology which you or your client may already be using within the workplace already.

Our in-house expertise ranges from audio to video, Unified Communications to media networking and we are able to offer advice on single product or complete solutions to meet your needs. Whilst you may have ideas of technology that you already wish to use, our discussions often start with a simple ‘why?’ or ‘what is it you want to achieve?’.

This simply allows us to understand your needs and make recommendations of suggestions, even if it’s a recommendation on product that we don’t supply ourselves.

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