Wireless Microphones

beyerdynamic offer a range of Wireless Microphone Systems which utilise bespoke technology to ensure many more microphones can be used in a single space with zero interference than has previously been possible. Available in multiple formats such as headworn, handheld, instrument or lapel varieties. 

The TG 1000 Series is a 24-bit digital wireless system which can be used in a wide variety of venues worldwide.

The TG 500 Series wireless system is designed for smaller stage performances, theatre productions and speeches and can be used almost worldwide without a license.

TG 1000 Series
TG 500 Series
TG 1000 Wireless System

Description digital 24-bit wireless system

Range 300m

Bandwidth 319 MHz switching bandwidth

Connectivity Dante interface over ethernet

Channels up to 12 channels without using an external splitter

TG 500 Wireless System

Description digital wireless system

Range 120m

Bandwidth 40 MHz bandwidth

Channels up to 72 channels

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