ManufacturerPeriodExceptions & ExclusionsTransfersExtensions
AD-Systems2 YrsBurnt out drivers, crossovers and cabinets that have been dropped are not coveredYesNo
Ampeg2 YrsMI Amps & Cabinets
Heritage Series: Electronics - 5 yrs, speakers - 2 yrs, tubes - 180 days.
SVT Classic & Pro Series: Electronics - 5 yrs, speakers - 2 yrs, tubes & foot switches - 90 days.
MI Amps, Cabinets & Combos
PF series, BA series, GVT, B series & Micro CL/VR: Electronics - 2 yrs, speakers - 2 yrs, tubes & foot switches - 90 days.
Foot Pedals
SCR-DI, Classic & Scrambler Pedals - 1 yr.
AMX3 YrsLCD and LED panels are warranted for three 3 years except for the display and touch overlay components, which are warranted for a period of one 1 year from the shipping date

Disk drive mechanisms, pan/tilt heads and external power supplies are warranted for a period of one 1 year from the Shipping Date

AMX lighting Products are warranted to switch on and off any load that is properly connected to our lighting Products, as long as the AMX lighting Products are under warranty. AMX also warrants the control of dimmable loads that are properly connected to our lighting Products. The dimming performance or quality thereof is not warranted, due to the random combinations of dimmers, lamps and ballasts or transformers.

AMX software and firmware included in the Products is warranted for a period of ninety 90 days from the Shipping Date.

Batteries and incandescent lamps are not covered under the Limited Warranty.

The Warranty Period for AMX EPICA, Enova DGX (Enclosure and respective IO boards only), Modula, Modula Series 4, Modula Cat Pro Series and 8Y-3000 Product models will continue for the original installation until five 5 years after the issuance of a Product discontinuance notice (“PDN”) with respect to termination of the applicable Product model. However, if the product is moved from its original installation to a different installation, the Warranty Period will automatically become three 3 years from the Shipping Date and, if more than three 3 years have elapsed since the Shipping Date, the Warranty period will automatically expire.
AtlasIED2 YrsPassive Speaker Products - 5 Years
Line Array and Line Column Speakers - 5 Years
Speaker Hardware - 5 Years
Passive Attenuators & Volume Controls - 5 Years
Metal Rack & Cabinet Products - 5 Years
Interconnects & Accessories - 5 Years
Amplifiers, Mixer/Amplifiers & TSD Series Amplifiers- 3 Years
BlueBridge® Digital Signal Processors - 3 Years
Sound Masking Electronics - 3 Years
5400 Series Controllers, Communication Stations, & Amplifiers (GLOBALCOM®) - 3 Years
1500 Series PoE Compact Power Amplifiers - 3 Years
ACS Series Controllers, Communication Stations, & Accessories (GLOBALCOM®) - 3 Years
Titan DSP Mainframes & Accessories - 3 Years
Microphone Stand Accessories - 90 Days
Electronic Accessories, PSUs & Telephony Products - 90 Days
Classroom Security & Sound Reinforcement Accessory Microphones - 90 Days
Fuses, Lamps, Batteries - No Warranty
Australian Monitor2 YrsNoNo
Aviom1 YrNoNo
Avonic2 YrsCM40, CM40-IP, CM44 & CM70 - 3 yrs.No2 yr warranty
Extend to 3 & 5 yrs.
3 yr warranty
Extend to 5 yrs.
beyerdynamic2 YrsMMX 300, T1, T5p & Aviation Headsets - 5 yrs.NoNo
Bluesound Professional2 YrsNoNo
Cornered Audio3 YrsNoNo
Gallien-Krueger2 YrsSpeakers - 1 yr.
Electronics - 2 yrs.
HK Audio5 YrsNoNo
Hughes & Kettner3 YrsNoNo
InOut2 YrsNoNo
Konig & Meyer5 YrsLights, bulbs & batteries not covered.NoNo
LEA Professional3 YrsReimbursement of certain parts only. Please see 'LEA Spare Parts List' for details.NoNo
Mackie2 YrsNoNo
MC2 & XTA5 YrsNoNo
Novasonar2 YrsNoNo
Primacoustic30 DaysNoNo
Radial Engineering3 YrsYesYes (criteria to be met)
Renkus-Heinz6 YrsWR (weather resistant) models - 3 yrs.YesNo
T1V2 YrsNoNo
Tonebone3 YrsBurnt out drivers, crossovers and cabinets that have been dropped are not coveredYesYes (criteria to be met)
Ultimate Support7 YrsJamStands - 3 yrs.NoNo
WorkPRO2 YrsBurnt out drivers, crossovers and cabinets that have been dropped are not coveredNoNo
ZeeVee2 YrsHDBridge & ZvPro - 5 yrs.
Zyper4K - 3 yrs.
ZyperUHD - 2 yrs.
ZyperMX4 - 3 yrs.
ZyperMX - 2 yrs.
ZyperHD - 2 yrs.
ZyperMXE+ - 2 yrs.
ZvBox Series - 1 yr.
ZvSync - 1 yr.
ZvB701-EU - 1 yr.
HDBridge 420, 520 & 620 - 1 yr.