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Choose which lecture you want to attend.

Unite can operate up to 32 channels in parallel. By reducing the transmission power, an unlimited number of lectures are possible depending on the spatial conditions. Unite is also great for events running multiple lectures in parallel without a PA system.

With Unite, you don't have to worry about frequencies: no registration, no fees and frequencies are managed automatically. The talkback function of the receiver even allows questions from the audience. Unite has an automatic frequency management, which independently and flexibly manages the frequency allocation. The guest can freely choose their receiver via the display and select which lecture they would like to listen to.




Use Unite as a hearing aid facility for events, congresses, churches, council meetings or court hearings. Thanks to the bidirectional transmission, Unite is also ideal for schools, discussion groups, clubs for those that are hard of hearing or deaf, and workplace inclusion.

The Unite mobile system for the hard of hearing can be easily retrofitted, even with monument protection regulations and structural imponderables. With Unite and the inductive neck loop IL 200, you can achieve accessibility for your events and lectures. Unite guarantees compliance with standards according to DIN EN IEC 60118-4, in the sense of the UN Disability Rights Convention for Equal Participation in Society.

The crystal-clear, noise-free sound transmission ensures the highest speech intelligibility. Low latencies also enable lip-sync transmission.



guided tours

Organise modern, interactive tours for your guests.

The digital system allows for questions from the audience, the integration of a second guide or even the use of sound from external devices. The transmitters and receivers are optimised for speech so that your guests can enjoy optimum intelligibility. With Unite, you need never worry about frequencies. This future-proof system transmits using the registration and license-fee-free DECT standard, and frequency management is automatic.

Unite enables you to have a dialogue with your visitors. You can decide for yourself whether only you hear the questions or the whole group. Up to three people can speak simultaneously in groups of any size.

Easily transmit music from your smartphone to guests, or relay the sound of a video from a media column. It is also possible to integrate a second guide, which can also send audio signals to the group.




Unite is your modern alternative for infrared interpreting technology with much less planning and installation effort. Unite transfers up to 32 languages ​​in parallel. It is safe to operate with high range, long operating hours, digital noise-free transmission and automatic frequency management. With the highest encryption standard AES-256 bit, the digital system is also absolutely secure against eavesdropping. The multifunctional usability makes Unite your ideal companion for events.

Unite is ideal for your international events with interpreters. They have much less planning and installation costs than with infrared systems. You have the costs for transport, installation, commissioning and staff for changing events under control.

With only one 4-channel access point, up to 4 languages ​​can be transmitted. A total of up to eight access points can be synchronized for up to 32 channels.

Unite TH image

Unite TH

Unite Handheld Transmitter

• Optimised for speech
• Condenser microphone
• Low feedback cardioid characteristic
• DSP functions such as ALC, Noise Gate, Noise Cancellation, equaliser, ducker and compressor
• Sound adjustment via Bluetooth® or USB
Unite TP image

Unite TP

Unite Bodypack Transmitter

• Optimised for speech
• External microphone or headset connector
• DSP functions such as ALC, Noise Gate, Noise Cancellation, equaliser, ducker and compressor
• Audio interfaces (USB, analogue and Bluetooth ®)
• Microphone mute button (mute function)
• High security against unauthorised listening due to AES-256 code encryption
Unite RP-T image

Unite RP-T

Unite Bodypack Receiver with Talkback

• Talkback button
• Integrated microphone, alternative headset connection
• DSP functions such as ALC, Noise Gate, Noise Cancellation equaliser, ducker and compressor (for headset mode)
• Long operating time
• Connectable inductive loop for the hard of hearing
• High security against unauthorised listening due to AES-256 code encryption
Unite RP image

Unite RP

Unite Bodypack Receiver

• On-off and menu button
• Multifunction button
• Volume button for connected headphones, headset, induction loop
• Status indicator (LED) for operating and charging status
• OLED display to indicate the channel name, battery status and different menus
• Charging via charging contacts or USB connection, type C • High security against unauthorised listening due to AES-256 code encryption
DT 2 image

DT 2

Headphone, cable 0.8 m (2.6 ft.) for bodypack receive

• Cable length 0.8 metres with 3.5 mm stereo jack plug
• Ergonomic design
• Robust construction
• Easy to clean
• Ear pads can be washed and replaced
HSP 321 image

HSP 321

Single-Ear Headphones (0.9m) for Bodypack Receiver

• Electret condenser microphone
• Optimised for speech
• Rotating microphone clamp
• Wipe-clean leatherette ear pads
• 0.9m cable with 3.5mm jack (4 pin)


4 Channel Access Point

• 8 Access Points for up to 32 channels
• Very high operating range
• Digital Dante® interfaces (4 in / 4 out) including PoE power supply
• Ethernet interfaces (network)
• 4 analogue inputs and outputs (Phoenix®)