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The Spirit of Legendary Tone


Don’t be fooled by the miniature format. The Spirit Nano belies its diminutive dimensions with the impressive power of full-fledged power amp rated for up to 50 watts. That’s enough to rock even a 4×12″ cab.

Developed specifically for the Spirit line, the Ultra Response power amp behaves exactly like its tube-based cousins. It always sounds great at every volume and never grates at level, even at full tilt. Waste not, want not: This little beastie sends every single watt to the speaker.

All those delicious dynamics remain intact and every watt is translated into impressive sound pressure. These petit powerhouses pack a punch as mighty as any tube power amp with a similar output.

Spirit of Vintage image

Spirit of Vintage

Legendary Vintage Tone

Spirit of Rock image

Spirit of Rock

Legendary Rock Tone

Spirit of Metal image

Spirit of Metal

Legendary Metal Tone


At the heart of the Spirit Nano amps is the Spirit Tone Generator, a novel bionic design developed by Hughes & Kettner to replicate the analog processes of a tube circuit. This miniature masterpiece distills the essence of tube amps’ magical physics and incomparable tone into a compact, strictly analog circuit that promises unbridled playing pleasure.

The Spirit Tone Generator is made in Germany to our uncompromising standards and sealed in a protective housing. We’re talking about a soulful circuit imbued with the spirit of great amp sounds here, so we simply had to call this tech 'Spirit'.


Spirit Nano product Demo