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  1. Novasonar GL Series

    GL-SeriesFor drywall coverings made of perforated gypsum boards...The loudspeaker comprises a conventional perforated gypsum plaster board with a fact...

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  2. inout DA 480-R

    DA480-R is a versatile and reliable multi-channel power amplifier with innovative SMT technology circuits. It comes in a very compact case with a slim...

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  3. Primeacoustic- Acoustic Paintable Acoustic Panels

    Primacoustic Paintables™ are an innovative acoustic panel range that are finished in Absolute White™, or can be repainted to the color of your choice!...

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  1. Avonic

    Avonic offers a full range of high quality pan-tilt-zoom cameras, with a choice of output, including USB3.0, IP, HDMI and SDI. Control units and acces...

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  2. Mackie

    Formed in 1988 by Greg Mackie in Washington, United States, Mackie is known worldwide as a leading manufacturer of professional monitor mixers, loudsp...

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  3. Mackie

    Mackie is known worldwide as a leading manufacturer of high-quality, affordable professional audio equipment including powered loudspeakers, mixers, s...

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  1. Leisure

    Public spaces often require information to be communicated clearly and accurately, the first, and every time.

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  2. Festivals

    Festivals are a increasingly popular and diverse hub for creativity, performance and music; but behind every memorable festival, is a robust technical...

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  3. Houses of Worship

    From transmission of clearly intelligible spoken words by your clergy and ministers to musical accompaniment for your congregation, POLAR offer audio...

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  1. Fort Hope brings the noise with Ampeg

    Fort Hope are already well on their way to taking their place amongst the upper echelons of British rock. They’ve toured with the likes of Mallory Kn...

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  2. PCS Union Headquarters, London

    The Public and Commercial Services Union has around 270,000 members and is the largest Civil Service trade union in the UK. Situated in an old buildin...

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  3. Reading University

    Reading University is a globally renowned institution. Ranked amongst the top 1% of universities in the world, its reputation for teaching, research a...

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  1. beyerdynamic Classis RM 30

    The new beyerdynamic Classis RM 30 is a desktop microphone for podiums, tele/video conferencing, lecterns.

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  2. XTA at Meadows In The Mountain Festival

    Meadows In The Mountains is a boutique music festival nestled high above the clouds on the beautiful Rhodope mountain top in Polkovnik Serafimovo, Bul...

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  3. POLAR at the ABTT Theatre Show

    POLAR checked-into the Alexandra Palace in London to debut a range of professional audio solutions to a vast network of industry professionals involve...

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