Primeacoustic provide solutions for challenging room acoustics.. and are a market leading manufacturer of high performance acoustic solutions. Their product has been used in a variety of applications and clients, including gaming giants Electronic Arts, Cisco Systems, Renault, Sony and Meyer Sound. With a wealth of experience and a broad range of product solutions, Primacoustic are a market leader in their field. Combined with the in house expertise at POLAR, we are able to offer advice and solutions for room acoustics. Please take a look at the range for product to suit any environment from prestigious boardroom to a university auditorium.

"Being able to fine-tune a room on site makes all the difference. Primeacoustic has everything you need. The unique mounting scheme is easy to install and lets you make adjustments without thrashing the interior surface. It works!"

Many of today’s meeting room environments are designed to be visually stunning spaces that look great and are very pleasing to the eye, but not the ear. More often than not, they are made of glass or hard surfaces and are ‘box-like’ spaces that conspire against the often-huge investment of technology within them. From a user’s point of view, using the room can often be a tiring experience, and the far end of a video or audio conference can often hear an unintelligible noise. All this leads to a stressful experience and a reluctance to use the meeting space. 

From treatment for the ceiling or walls, these products are designed to blend in to the environment and not interrupt the visual look of the space, whilst improving the acoustics, ensuring you’re getting the best from your investment in technology.

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Whether you are an End User, Systems Integrator or a Technology Consultant, our team will work with you to understand your requirements and will aim to provide you with a design, specification, or product, which often needs to integrate with technology which you or your client may already be using within the workplace already. 

Our in-house expertise ranges from audio to video, Unified Communications to media networking and we are able to offer advice on single product or complete solutions to meet your needs. Whilst you may have ideas of technology that you already wish to use, our discussions often start with a simple ‘why?’ or ‘what is it you want to achieve?’.

This simply allows us to understand your needs and make recommendations of suggestions, even if it’s a recommendation on product that we don’t supply ourselves.

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