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Pan AcousticsPan Beam PB 224 IP54 Digitally Steerable Column Loudspeaker in Black

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The Pan Beam PB 224 IP54 is an active, digitally steerable high-performance line array with beam steering technology and weather protection (IP54 rated) in an attractive design that has been developed for demanding speech and music transmissions.

The PB 224 features Pan Audio DSP and network functions such as Pan Net, AES/EBU and Dante. It is operated via user friendly Windows software. The PB 224 is connected to the computer via a Pan Net interface or via Dante. Digital signal processing from the Pan Audio DSP can be used to enter and control the sound and delay times in real time.

The PB 224 can generate two highly directed sound beams which can be modified using various optimisers (max. SPL, SPL + min. sidelobes, min. sidelobes). Digital signal processing can be used to precisely adjust the vertical radiation angle and the tilt angle to the area to be covered.

The PB 224 is equipped with six specially manufactured 6.5” HQ woofer drivers and 18 specially manufactured 1” HQ tweeter drivers, DSP module and 16 digital amplifiers with a rated power of up to 100 watts each. A single PB 224 module can cover a listening area of up to 50 meters, with speech intelligibility and sound pressure remaining virtually constant over the entire distance.

To increase the lower cut-off frequency, the sound pressure and the reach, the Pan Beam PB 224 can be cascaded to a Pan Beam PB 248/272/296.

Also available in White (please contact us)

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