Overdrive & Distortion Pedals

Tonebone pedals employ a unique class-A front end that buffers the signal while retaining the natural relationship between your fingers and the amp, providing distortion without hiding the dynamics in your playing.

The Elevator is a unique power booster and buffer that can generate mild overdrive when pushing the front end of an amp harder. W

The Classic V9 is a distortion pedal with several gain stages ranging between light, moderate and intense distortion. 

The Hot British is often described as the best Marshall amp in a stomp box ever made. The tone is based on Marshalls modified to enable them to produce distortion without having to be played on 10.

The Texas Pro offers up three generations of overdrive to suit those who are looking for a varitety of tones, from the classic TS9 to the extra crunch akin to the Fulltone® OCD.

The Regency and The North-Star are both dual-mode overdrive pedals offering users who have pre-saturated amps two flavours of either adding clean boost or extra distortion to your signal.