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TG V96 Premium True Condenser Microphone

beyerdynamicTG V96 Premium True Condenser Microphone(707325)

£615.32 (Inc VAT)

M 130 Double Ribbon Microphone

beyerdynamicM 130 Double Ribbon Microphone(129534)

£439.15 (Inc VAT)

M 160 Double Ribbon Microphone

beyerdynamicM 160 Double Ribbon Microphone(100668)

£439.00 (Inc VAT)

M 88 TG Dynamic Hypercardioid Microphone

beyerdynamicM 88 TG Dynamic Hypercardioid Microphone(437115)

£358.22 (Inc VAT)

MC 930 Small Diaphram Condenser Microphone

beyerdynamicMC 930 Small Diaphram Condenser Microphone(465267)

£351.16 (Inc VAT)

TG V56 Condenser mic, cardioid, 3 pin XLR

beyerdynamicTG V56 Condenser mic, cardioid, 3 pin XLR(707279)

£254.16 (Inc VAT)

TG D71 Condenser boundary microphone

beyerdynamicTG D71 Condenser boundary microphone(708992)

£240.78 (Inc VAT)

TG V70d s Professional Dynamic Microphone

beyerdynamicTG V70d s Professional Dynamic Microphone(707287)

£204.66 (Inc VAT)

Phonum Wireless Bluetooth® Speakerphone

beyerdynamicPhonum Wireless Bluetooth® Speakerphone(710830)

£199.00 (Inc VAT)

TG V70d Professional Dynamic Microphone

beyerdynamicTG V70d Professional Dynamic Microphone(707295)

£197.98 (Inc VAT)

M 201 TG Dynamic Hypercardioid Microphone

beyerdynamicM 201 TG Dynamic Hypercardioid Microphone(406910)

£189.00 (Inc VAT)

TG D58 Clip-on condenser mic

beyerdynamicTG D58 Clip-on condenser mic(707023)

£139.12 (Inc VAT)

TG D57 Clip-on condenser mic

beyerdynamicTG D57 Clip-on condenser mic(707015)

£139.12 (Inc VAT)

TG I53 Condenser mic

beyerdynamicTG I53 Condenser mic(707155)

£136.45 (Inc VAT)

TG V50d s Dynamic Microphone

beyerdynamicTG V50d s Dynamic Microphone(707260)

£120.38 (Inc VAT)

TG V50d Dynamic Microphone

beyerdynamicTG V50d Dynamic Microphone(707252)

£109.69 (Inc VAT)

FOX Professional USB Microphone

beyerdynamicFOX Professional USB Microphone(727903)

£99.00 (Inc VAT)

TG D35d Dynamic drum microphone

beyerdynamicTG D35d Dynamic drum microphone(708429)

£93.64 (Inc VAT)

ZSH 20 Shock Mount for Gooseneck Microphones

beyerdynamicZSH 20 Shock Mount for Gooseneck Microphones(454559)

£61.52 (Inc VAT)

TG V35d s Dynamic Microphone

beyerdynamicTG V35d s Dynamic Microphone(707244)

£53.24 (Inc VAT)

EA 90

beyerdynamicEA 90(452270)

£46.32 (Inc VAT)

EA 19/25

beyerdynamicEA 19/25(407194)

£46.32 (Inc VAT)

WS 740/834

beyerdynamicWS 740/834(401994)

£23.17 (Inc VAT)

MKV 11

beyerdynamicMKV 11(407232)

£22.48 (Inc VAT)

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