Bass Guitar Backline

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Heritage SVT-810E 8 x 10" Bass Cabinet

AmpegHeritage SVT-810E 8 x 10" Bass Cabinet(99-030-2511)

£1,389.18 (Inc VAT)

V-4B 100W All-Tube Bass Head

AmpegV-4B 100W All-Tube Bass Head(99-026-0804)

£1,128.55 (Inc VAT)

SVT-3PRO 450W Tube Preamp Bass Head

AmpegSVT-3PRO 450W Tube Preamp Bass Head(99-026-0504)

£1,085.10 (Inc VAT)

SVT-801E 8 x 10" Bass Cabinet

AmpegSVT-801E 8 x 10" Bass Cabinet(99-030-2701)

£1,041.66 (Inc VAT)

PN-115HLF 1 x 15" Bass Cabinet

AmpegPN-115HLF 1 x 15" Bass Cabinet(99-030-2011)

£867.91 (Inc VAT)

SVT-410HLF 4 x 10" Bass Cabinet

AmpegSVT-410HLF 4 x 10" Bass Cabinet(99-030-2301)

£867.91 (Inc VAT)

PF-50T 50W All-Tube Head

AmpegPF-50T 50W All-Tube Head(99-026-1004)

£867.91 (Inc VAT)

PN-210HLF 2 x 10" Bass Cabinet

AmpegPN-210HLF 2 x 10" Bass Cabinet(99-030-2001)

£867.91 (Inc VAT)

SVT-7PRO 1000W Tube Preamp Bass Head

AmpegSVT-7PRO 1000W Tube Preamp Bass Head(99-026-0404)

£781.03 (Inc VAT)

SVT-212AV 2 x 12" Bass Cabinet

AmpegSVT-212AV 2 x 12" Bass Cabinet(99-030-3021)

£737.59 (Inc VAT)

PF-410HLF 4 x 10" Bass Cabinet

AmpegPF-410HLF 4 x 10" Bass Cabinet(99-030-2201)

£563.83 (Inc VAT)

PF-800 800W Lightweight Bass Head

AmpegPF-800 800W Lightweight Bass Head(99-025-0704)

£563.83 (Inc VAT)

SVT-15E 1 x 15" Bass Cabinet

AmpegSVT-15E 1 x 15" Bass Cabinet(99-030-2911)

£563.83 (Inc VAT)

BA-210v2 450W Bass Combo Amplifier

AmpegBA-210v2 450W Bass Combo Amplifier(99-015-1014)

£520.40 (Inc VAT)

SVT-112AV 1 x 12" Bass Cabinet

AmpegSVT-112AV 1 x 12" Bass Cabinet(99-030-3001)

£520.40 (Inc VAT)

PF-210HE 2 x 10" Bass Cabinet

AmpegPF-210HE 2 x 10" Bass Cabinet(99-030-2211)

£433.51 (Inc VAT)

BA-115v2 150W Bass Combo Amplifier

AmpegBA-115v2 150W Bass Combo Amplifier(99-015-1024)

£433.51 (Inc VAT)

PF-112HLF 200W 1 x12" Bass Cabinet

AmpegPF-112HLF 200W 1 x12" Bass Cabinet(99-030-2611)

£433.51 (Inc VAT)

PF-115HE 1 x 15" Bass Cabinet

AmpegPF-115HE 1 x 15" Bass Cabinet(99-030-2601)

£433.51 (Inc VAT)

PF-500 500W Lightweight Bass Head

AmpegPF-500 500W Lightweight Bass Head(99-025-0604)

£390.08 (Inc VAT)

PF-115LF 1 x 15" Bass Cabinet

AmpegPF-115LF 1 x 15" Bass Cabinet(99-030-2221)

£364.02 (Inc VAT)

MICRO-CL Stack Compact 100W Bass Amplifier

AmpegMICRO-CL Stack Compact 100W Bass Amplifier(99-015-1204)

£364.02 (Inc VAT)

BA-112v2 75W Bass Combo Amplifier

AmpegBA-112v2 75W Bass Combo Amplifier(99-015-1004)

£320.58 (Inc VAT)

MICRO-VR Compact Bass Head

AmpegMICRO-VR Compact Bass Head(99-026-0604)

£311.88 (Inc VAT)

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