Bass Guitar Equipment: Amps, Pedals, Heads, Combos & Cabinets

Looking to expand your sound profile? We offer supplementary kit to pair with your bass guitar. We have a wide selection of bass amps, pedals, heads, combos and cabinets for use with your bass to get the sounds you want, from high-quality manufacturers such as Gallien-Krueger. Get the kit you need now on next day or weekend delivery.

Bass Guitar

At POLAR we have a wide selection of bass amps from world leading brands at multiple price points. Whether you’re looking for a bass amp for live performance and gig use or home or studio recording, we’ll be able to help.

We exclusively stock the highest quality bass amp brands, with a selection of Ampeg amps and Gallien-Krueger amps, allowing you achieve the best in bass guitar amplification.

Looking for more bass guitar equipment?

Bass Cabinets
Bass amp cabs are a must have for your setup. They are often the most underrated part of any bass rig. We stock a range of bass cabs from Gallien-Kreuger in a variety of sizes and price points.

Bass Combos
If you’re looking for great bass sound but don’t want to mess around with separate bass heads and bass cabs, then a bass combo is the perfect solution. Typically bass combos take up less space and are easier to set up – browse our range of bass combos to find a lightweight bass sound solution.

Bass Amp Heads
Bass amp heads give you total bass control. Get a range of tonal options and the ability to add or remove bass cabs to your setup with our collection of industry leading bass amp heads.

Bass Pedals
Bass pedals or stompboxes are pedals that add new sounds to your bass guitar setups. Without a bass pedal you wouldn’t be able to replicate certain effects or shape your tone in exciting and experimental ways. You can only achieve better sound with a bass pedal – browse our range of bass pedals today

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