Audio Tools

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Bassbone OD - Two channel Bass preamp

ToneboneBassbone OD - Two channel Bass preamp(R800-7072-00)

£357.64 (Inc VAT)

Switchbone V2 - High perfromance ABY amp selector

ToneboneSwitchbone V2 - High perfromance ABY amp selector(R800-7081-00)

£317.90 (Inc VAT)

Plexitube - Two channel tube distortion pedal

TonebonePlexitube - Two channel tube distortion pedal(R800-7025-00)

£317.90 (Inc VAT)

PZ-Pre - Acoustic Instrument Preamplifier

TonebonePZ-Pre - Acoustic Instrument Preamplifier(R800-7085-00)

£317.90 (Inc VAT)

Bassbone V2 - Two channel bass preamp and DI box

ToneboneBassbone V2 - Two channel bass preamp and DI box(R800-7071-00)

£298.04 (Inc VAT)

Voco-Loco - Effects Switcher for Voice or Instruments

RadialVoco-Loco - Effects Switcher for Voice or Instruments(R800-1425-00)

£291.71 (Inc VAT)

Headbone VT - Valve tube head switcher

ToneboneHeadbone VT - Valve tube head switcher(R800-7082-00)

£278.18 (Inc VAT)

PZ-Deluxe - Compact acoustic preamp pedal

TonebonePZ-Deluxe - Compact acoustic preamp pedal(R800-7320-00)

£238.43 (Inc VAT)

Headlight - 4 Output Guitar Amp Selector

ToneboneHeadlight - 4 Output Guitar Amp Selector(R800-7096-00)

£200.90 (Inc VAT)

JDX Direct-Drive - Amp simulator and DI box

ToneboneJDX Direct-Drive - Amp simulator and DI box(R800-1404-00)

£194.47 (Inc VAT)

Hot-British V9 - Distortion Pedal

ToneboneHot-British V9 - Distortion Pedal(R800-7022-00)

£176.80 (Inc VAT)

BigShot ABY - True-bypass ABY Amp Selector

ToneboneBigShot ABY - True-bypass ABY Amp Selector(R800-7210-00)

£99.35 (Inc VAT)

BigShot i/o - True bypass instrument selector

ToneboneBigShot i/o - True bypass instrument selector(R800-7212-00)

£99.35 (Inc VAT)

Dragster - Super compact load correction device

ToneboneDragster - Super compact load correction device(R800-7075-00)

£47.68 (Inc VAT)

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