Audio Tools

Price Highest - Lowest
Space Heater - 8 Channel Tube Drive Summing Mixer

RadialSpace Heater - 8 Channel Tube Drive Summing Mixer(R800-7050-00)

£1,984.90 (Inc VAT)

JX44 Air Control™ Guitar Signal Manager

RadialJX44 Air Control™ Guitar Signal Manager(R800-6500-00)

£1,723.73 (Inc VAT)

Workhorse - 8 Slot W/Mixer

RadialWorkhorse - 8 Slot W/Mixer(R700-0100-00)

£1,591.13 (Inc VAT)

SW8 - Auto Switcher

RadialSW8 - Auto Switcher(R800-8100-00)

£1,410.32 (Inc VAT)

SW4 4 CH Audio Switcher

RadialSW4 4 CH Audio Switcher(R800-8110-00)

£1,410.32 (Inc VAT)

LX8 - Line Level Signal Splitter and Isolator

RadialLX8 - Line Level Signal Splitter and Isolator(R800-8200-00)

£1,358.09 (Inc VAT)

OX8-j 8-Channel 3-way Splitter

RadialOX8-j 8-Channel 3-way Splitter(R800-8004-00)

£1,358.09 (Inc VAT)

JD7 Injector: Guitar Distribution & Splitter - Jensen

RadialJD7 Injector: Guitar Distribution & Splitter - Jensen(R800-7000-00)

£1,253.62 (Inc VAT)

JD6 Six-Channel Rackmount Direct Box

RadialJD6 Six-Channel Rackmount Direct Box(R800-6000-00)

£1,044.68 (Inc VAT)

JX-62 Guitar & Amp Stage Switcher

RadialJX-62 Guitar & Amp Stage Switcher(R800-6510-00)

£1,044.68 (Inc VAT)

OX8-r 8-Channel 3-way Splitter

RadialOX8-r 8-Channel 3-way Splitter(R800-8003-00)

£992.45 (Inc VAT)

ProD8 Eight Channel Rackmount Direct Box

RadialProD8 Eight Channel Rackmount Direct Box(R800-1120-00)

£887.98 (Inc VAT)

mPress Press-box master section - 2 mic inputs and limiter

RadialmPress Press-box master section - 2 mic inputs and limiter(R800-8010-00)

£762.98 (Inc VAT)

Workhorse Q3 500 Induction Coil EQ

RadialWorkhorse Q3 500 Induction Coil EQ(R700-0160-00)

£707.17 (Inc VAT)

Workhorse PowerTube 500 Mic Preamp

RadialWorkhorse PowerTube 500 Mic Preamp(R700-0115-00)

£707.17 (Inc VAT)

Workhorse Space Heater 500

RadialWorkhorse Space Heater 500(R700-0152-00)

£707.17 (Inc VAT)

Firefly Class-A, Tube DI w/ Drag Control

RadialFirefly Class-A, Tube DI w/ Drag Control(R800-2020-00)

£626.81 (Inc VAT)

JDV MK 5 Discrete Class A "Super DI"

RadialJDV MK 5 Discrete Class A "Super DI"(R800-2015-00)

£619.92 (Inc VAT)

Workhorse Q4 500 Series

RadialWorkhorse Q4 500 Series(R700-0162-00)

£618.77 (Inc VAT)

Workhorse Powerpre 500 Mic Preamp

RadialWorkhorse Powerpre 500 Mic Preamp(R700-0110-00)

£530.38 (Inc VAT)

Workhorse Komit 500 Compressor

RadialWorkhorse Komit 500 Compressor(R700-0150-00)

£530.38 (Inc VAT)

Workhorse JDV-Pre 500 Instrument Preamp

RadialWorkhorse JDV-Pre 500 Instrument Preamp(R700-0120-00)

£441.98 (Inc VAT)

Dinet Dan-RX

RadialDinet Dan-RX(R800-1063-00)

£393.41 (Inc VAT)

Dinet Dan-TX Dante Ethernet Transmitter

RadialDinet Dan-TX Dante Ethernet Transmitter(R800-1062-00)

£393.41 (Inc VAT)

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