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RadialEXTC Stereo Guitar Effects Interface & Reamper

SKU: R800-1437-00
UPC: 676101045044

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The EXTC Stereo allows you to connect guitar effects pedals to the inputs and outputs of pro audio equipment such as recording interfaces and mixing consoles, so you can incorporate stereo pedals into your recordings and explore new creative possibilities.

The EXTC-Stereo gives you the ability to connect stereo effects pedals such as reverbs and delays to the line-level inputs and outputs of your console or recording interface. Use it to send drum overheads to a multi-tap delay, or breathe new life into a stale keyboard patch with a flanger or chorus pedal. Try it on vocals, strings, or any pre-recorded track to add a new creative element to your mixes and revitalize your old pedal collection.

  • Send & ReceiveAdjust the signal level going to and from your effects to optimise the signal-to-noise ratio
  • BlendControls the wet/dry mix between output of the pedals and the original dry audio tracks
  • Effects InsertUnbalanced 1/4” TS connections for your stereo effects pedal chain
  • Power LEDIlluminates to indicate the EXTC Stereo is connected to power
  • Phase InvertUsed to compensate for effects pedals that are wired out of phase
  • EFX Loop ONOn/off switch bypasses the unbalanced EFX loop, allowing you to A/B audition your effects
  • Cable ClampSecures the power supply cable in place to prevent accidental disconnection
  • 1/4" Line OutputsBalanced 1/4” TRS outputs for connection to the line-level inputs of a recording interface or mixer
  • Power InputConnection for the included 15V 400mA power supply
  • Combo InputsBalanced inputs allow you to connect XLR or 1/4” TRS line-level sources to the EXTC Stereo
  • XLR Line OutputsBalanced XLR outputs for connection to the line-level inputs of a recording interface or mixer

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