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RadialDecoder Mid/Side Matrix and Mic Preamp

SKU: R800-1415-00
UPC: 676101043453

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The Radial Decoder is a microphone preamp and mid/side stereo matrix that allows the user to easily create M/S recordings without having to re-configure a recording console. Featuring built-in mic pre’s with phantom power and independent level control, the Decoder automatically combines the signals to a stereo output using the sum-difference method for spectacular stereo imaging that translates well to mono for broadcast. The Decoder begins with three ultra-quiet microphone preamps. The mic/line input-1 is assigned to the MID or direct microphone, while mic/line input-2a is assigned to the SIDE microphone. A link button automatically duplicates and pans the signal and flips the phase for a traditional M/S stereo image when used with figure-8 microphones. Mic/line input-2b allows the Decoder to be used with a pair of cardioid microphones rather than a figure-8. This opens up the door for a variety of microphones and different spacing techniques to be employed for ultimate convenience and creativity. The Decoder can also be switched to +4dBu line level for Reamping™ pre-recorded material during mix-down. Simply record a SIDE microphone while tracking and bounce to a stereo M/S image later.


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Technical Specification

  • Audio Circuit TypeHigh grade Mic Preamp & Op-amp based M-S Matrix
  • Frequency Response20Hz to 20kHz
  • Dynamic Range96dB
  • Input Impedance10K
  • Mic Input Gain+65dB
  • Line Input Gain+25dB
  • Max Output+17dBu
  • Output Impedance300 Ohms
  • ControlsMic/Line Gain 1, 2a & 2b
  • SwitchesMic ON, HPF, Phantom Power,2a to 2b link, 2b phase invert
  • High Pass Filter100Hz, -12dB / octave
  • Construction14 gauge steel chassis & outer shell
  • FinishDurable Powder Coat
  • Size114mm x 57mm x 147mm
  • Weight1.3 kg
  • Power15V 400mA power adapter

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