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RadialMix-Blender - Dual-function buffer, mixer & FX loop pedal

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£242.29 (Ex VAT)

The Mix-Blender™ is in fact two pedals in one. On one hand, it is a mini 2 x 1 mixer, on the other, it is an effects loop manager. Following the block diagram below, two of Radial’s award-winning Class-A buffers drive the inputs which are then summed together to create the relative mix. The signal is then routed to the footswitch where it can feed your amp or – when engaged – can activate the effects loop.

The Mix-Blender’s MIX section lets you combine any two instrument level sources together and set their relative volume levels. You could for instance have one guitar that with its powerful humbuckers connected to input-1 and then a second guitar with lower output single-coil pickups connected to input-2. By setting the levels for each, you can switch between instruments without having to readjust the level on your amp.

A typical effects loop either turns on or off the effects pedal chain that is connected. In this case, the BLEND section lets you blend in the desired amount of the ‘wet’ effect into the signal path without affecting the original ‘dry’ signal. This lets you retain the original tone of your bass or clean electric guitar and mix in – for example - a touch of distortion or flanging to your sound while retaining the fundamental tone.

Technical Specifications

  • Audio circuit typeDiscrete Class-A main audio path - Audio Grade IC send-return loop
  • Frequency response20Hz - 20KHz (+0/-2dB)
  • Total Harmonic Distortion0.00%
  • Dynamic range104dB
  • Input impedance220K
  • Maximum input
  • > +10dBuMaximum Gain - Input to Output - FX Off
  • Minimum Gain - Input to Output - FX Of-30dB
  • Maximum Gain - Input to Output - FX On+2dB
  • Maximum input - FX Return+7dBu
  • Clip Level - Output> +8dBu
  • Clip Level - FX Output> +6dBu
  • Equivalent input noise-97dB
  • Intermodulation distortion0.02% (-20dB)
  • Phase Deviation<10° at 100Hz (10Hz to 20kHz)
  • Power9V / 100mA (or more) Adapter
  • ConstructionSteel Enclosure
  • Size: (LxWxD)L:4.62” x W:3.5” x H:2” (117.34 x 88.9 x 50.8mm)
  • Weight1.35 lbs (0.61kg)

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