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RadialEXTC 500 Series Guitar Effects Interface

SKU: R700-0132-00
UPC: 676101040186

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The EXTC-500 is a 500 series module that allows you to get creative with your effects pedals, using them in your mix on any recorded track. Add a touch of distortion or chorus to a lead vocal, flange on a violin, or fuzz on piano - the possibilities are endless. The EXTC-500 takes the line level balanced output of your recording interface and converts it so an instrument level high-Z output optimised for guitar effects pedals, so you can Reamp any track through your pedalboard with ease. Once you've run the signal through your pedals, connect the output back into the EXTC and it will boost it up to a balanced line level so you can connect directly to the input of your recording interface. The EXTC features Radial's class-A buffer for the best audio quality and transformer isolation to eliminate any buzz or hum - so you can focus your attention on using your pedals in new and exciting applications.

Technical Specification

  • Audio circuit typeSolid state with transformer coupled effects loop
  • Dynamic rangeDry: 20Hz ~ 20kHz ±1.5dB | Wet: 20Hz ~ 10kHz ±3.5dB
  • Gain12dB - send & receive at maximum
  • Total harmonic distortionDry: >0.005% 0dB output | Wet: >0.002% 0dB output
  • Intermodulation DistortionDry: >0.003% 0dBu input | Wet: <0.02% 0dBu input
  • NoiseDry: -93dB | Wet: -84dB
  • Maximum InputDry: +26dBu | Wet: +20dBu
  • Data Compression60mA, ±16VDC
  • 180° polarity reverse, OmniPort
  • Input Connectors1/4", XLR
  • Output Connectors1/4", XLR
  • ConditionsFor use in dry locations only between 5°C and 40°C

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